"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

Wishing You a Blessed Christmas

Posted on November 28th, 2016

“The blessedness of Christmas is ‘wrapped up’ in the person of Jesus. Our relationship to Him determines the measure of our blessing.”

My recent trip to Jeremie brought back images of after the 2010 earthquake, leaving me appalled. Such devastation!! I would have been so dismayed if not for remembering the words spoken by my mother, pioneer missionary, at a church gathering many years ago. When asked, “Mrs. Bell, how are the Haitians able to live?” she answered in her godly wisdom, “God makes them live.” How true this is!! God has made the Haitians a longsuffering and resilient people who, as a result of natural disasters, political unrest, and systematic oppression, continually struggle to overcome issues, many of which are beyond their control. It is for this reason we see many of them come to Christ, Who gives them a blessed assurance and hope in His eternity. Their character is uniquely innovative, which enables them to smile and make the best of any situation. I witnessed one family who tied sheets across the lower branches of a tree and made a bed under it for their family of four. Some had gathered up scattered pieces of roofing to create a temporary lean-to. Eighty percent of private residences are either destroyed or notably damaged. My heart was broken to see trees that sustain Haitian life (mango, breadfruit, and coconut) destroyed. These will take years to reproduce. Only God “will make them live” in the challenge of this crisis.

How can we thank you, our many co-laborers, who have given so generously to ease the pain and suffering? Our hearts are full of gratitude to each one who has had a part in the rebuilding of these lives. Pastor Jan Milton and Operation Renewed Hope have been a huge help to us with their funds. We are purchasing materials such as tin, nails, wood, plywood, etc., to rebuild homes. We have connected with a Haitian doctor and are providing medicines for him to use in a clinic. Please help us to help them by donating either by check or online. Remember that 100% of what you give goes to the field. We have always operated this way. There are no US salaries. All of our help is voluntary. Thank you!

January 2017 Construction Projects

The first project is a new roof on one of the kindergarten buildings, which has been leaking for two years. The second project is the lagoon at Camp Bossier. This is the biggest eyesore at the camp, not to mention a hazard to campers, because water comes down from the mountain and collects in the canal and breeds mosquitoes. The medical team will be composed of nurses and an ER doctor who will minister medically in poverty areas. Please pray for these teams.

The Senator’s Guardian Angels Working Overtime

Keeping “the Senator” safe is not always the easiest job for his angels. A few days ago, as Pastor Dieupie was coming home from Port-au-Prince, it began to rain. The mountain road he was on became quite steep at one point. As he rounded a curve, his vehicle hydroplaned and flipped on its side just a short distance from the high mountain cliff. The heavy metal stakes on the guardrail caught his vehicle to prevent a complete turnover! Again, one evening just a few weeks ago, Pastor Dieupie was attending an outdoor assembly. Following the meeting, as folks were standing and visiting, a stone was hurled at great speed out of the dark. Though intended for the senator, instead it struck a woman standing next to him, bloodying her face and breaking three of her front teeth. Yet again, several years ago, an armed gang broke into Pastor Dieupie’s house at 2 a.m. They poisoned Pastor’s faithful German shepherd watchdog and then used a crowbar to remove the front metal door and quietly made their way up the stairs directly to Pastor’s bedroom. With flashlight in hand, they opened his bedroom door. Something so frightened them that they all fled down the stairs faster than lightning!! Pastor leapt out of bed only to hear the sound of their feet on the stairs as they ran. “Good job, guardian angels! You must have had your swords drawn!!”

With thanks in our hearts to you,

Sarah Bennett