"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

And Now the Rest of the Story

Posted on February 16th, 2017

Do you remember my paragraph on “keeping the Senator safe” in my December letter? I shared the frightening account of when the Senator’s vehicle hydroplaned and flipped over just a few feet from the high mountain cliff and how the heavy metal stakes on the guardrail caught his vehicle to prevent a complete turnover!! NOW we know some interesting details behind this accident. It seems that one of the Senator’s archenemies visited the evil spirits that (supposedly) live in the ocean. He went out in a boat on the ocean some days prior to the accident with his offering (a delicious meal) to pronounce a curse of death on the Senator that would prevent him from seeing 2017. When news of the Senator’s accident started circulating, his enemy began to boldly declare that his curse was about to be fulfilled. Two weeks later this same person was arrested for committing a crime and was imprisoned. He is still in prison to this day. Continue to pray for God’s strong hand of protection on Pastor/Senator Dieupie.

Two Work Teams and a Medical Team

Our hearts swell with gratitude for the blessings He has poured on Hosanna Ministries. Our projects began with replacement of a badly leaking kindergarten roof. Eager-hearted teams came from Mayfair Bible Church, Flushing, Michigan, and Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, Pennsylvania, under the direction of Craig Dehmel and Rick Seifert. The teams continued working into the second week at Camp Bossier to correct a serious ravine problem that continues to plague us. (This situation will remain for some time, because it is NOT an easy fix.) Then we were encouraged and blessed with “the icing on the cake” – a medical team led by Dr. Patrick Hawley, along with Haitian Doctor Sem Victorin and nurses Theresa Dehmel and Germaine Gilbert. Their proficiency was a delight to Jacmel patients as well as to very needy rural patients. They worked long hours with joy and patience! PTL

Hosanna Radio Signal Flying Across the Southeast

Our gratitude to the Lord continued to flow as we saw our RADIO RELAY STATION on the top of a solid stone mountain take shape and its various parts come together. The complicated project involved constructing a building; installing the solar panels (with razor wire for protection), batteries, inverter and a generator with automatic start; erecting a 100-foot tower; installing antennas, amplifiers, and a transmitter; and finally positioning the studio link. The Lord blessed us with the skill and genius of Gary Drost, electrical engineer, to bring this project to its final completion one day before we left to return to the U.S. The Lord kept us in suspense – but still believing that we WOULD see the success of this project!! To all of you who contributed for the completion of this project, we say thank you from the bottom of our heart and blessings to you!! May the souls that come to Christ from hearing the Gospel on this station adorn the crown you will cast at the Savior’s feet one day!

Helping Families through Helping Hand Scholarships

It has not been that long since Hurricane Matthew hit the Southeast/Southwest of Haiti. Vegetable and banana farms were totally destroyed. February starts the rainy season; and though they are planting now, they will not reap a crop for a while. School tuition is due and will not wait. Please help us help these families so the children can stay in school and finish the school year. Truly, this is an urgent matter. Thank you for understanding.

Our deep thanks to the Lord for each of you