"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

Spring 2017 Newsletter

Posted on May 10th, 2017

Christian Camping: Helping Young People Find Life in Christ

Going to summer camp in Haiti for the most part means having fun with friends, playing games, and relaxing. Praise God, Camp Bossier offers a different perspective – i.e., a spiritual philosophy in an environment that motivates and compels a young person to pursue a new life in Christ. Camp Director Salomon Cadet believes it is an imperative to have a camp ministry in Haiti that emphasizes the spiritual and emotional growth in the camper’s life, promoting a change. Pastor Salomon says that camp should be a place that will be a hospital for sick souls, a cemetery for the dead deeds of the flesh, and a center for spiritual renewal—all for the glory of God!

Camper Quotes

This is the first time in my life to come to a camp. This camp has brought a lot of changes in my life, and the first big change came on the first day. I found Christ as my Savior. A big “THANKS” to Pastor Salomon.

This camp has helped me stop a relationship that was not in God’s will for me. I have learned many things I did not know before and now my eyes are open to not living like the pagans anymore.

This week at camp impacted/changed my spiritual and moral life. My wrong behavior and attitudes have been revealed to me and are now changing. Also, I learned this week that I have great value in God’s sight.

Camp Scholarships $40 Each

Without our camp scholarships it would be impossible for any young person to attend Camp Bossier because the Haitian culture does not provide any type of work opportunity for young people. However, we still encourage personal participation to some degree in order to develop their appreciation for the excellent camp accommodations. Please consider how you can be a part of this eternal investment.

Congratulations! Nineteen Seminary Graduates

Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti has been providing biblical and sound theological training for pastors and spiritual leaders in the Southeast for eight years. On May 19, the Seminary will graduate nineteen pastors, sixteen with a bachelor of science degree and three with a diploma. Most of these men already have churches. They come to receive solid doctrinal training since unchecked counterfeit doctrine in a third-world country circulates so rapidly. Please pray that they will remain faithful to the Lord.

One of the nineteen graduates, Pastor Jackson Salomon, will be taking the leadership role in our newest church plant in La Montagne. We are so thrilled to have this pulpit filled!

Radio Signal Is Flying Strong

Our gratitude to the Lord flowed as we witnessed our RADIO RELAY STATION on the top of a mountain take shape and its various parts come together. The complicated project involved constructing a building on solid stone; installing the solar panels (with razor wire for protection), batteries, inverter and a generator with automatic start; erecting a 100-foot tower; installing antennas, amplifiers, a transmitter; and finally positioning the studio link. The Lord blessed us with the skill and genius of Gary Drost, electrical engineer, to bring this project to completion. To all of you who contributed for the completion of this project, we say thank you from the bottom of our heart!! May the souls that come to Christ from hearing the Gospel on this station adorn the crown YOU will cast at the Savior’s feet one day!

Calling for Prayer—Day or Night

From the time we started Hosanna Radio ministry six years ago, Deacon Joseph Jean Claude Belizaire has made himself available day or night to pray with any caller who wishes to accept Christ. (He and Deacon Ricardo Toussaint have a noon-hour program of prayer with listeners.) Brother Belizaire now receives calls from as far north as Port-au-Prince, and as far west as the border of Dominican Republic. This brother rarely sleeps through a night. He recently received a call at 2 a.m. from a woman in Seguin (a mountain area 3½ hours away) who wanted to accept Christ. Again (at 1 a.m.), in another mountain area about 35 miles away, a husband, wife, and two children called wanting to understand the Gospel, and accepted Christ as Savior over the phone. “We are empty and need to find real meaning to life.” Though this family lives so far away, they make a trip by motorcycle on Sundays to be in Hosanna services, and even joined the adult choir that practices Sunday afternoon.

Saved at a Funeral

We were saddened when Hosanna recently lost Deacon Georges Desir, who had asked Pastor Dieupie to preach his funeral when the time came. So in Pastor Dieupie’s customary way, he gave an invitation after the message. Five individuals came forward for salvation, two of whom were Brother Georges’ two adult children for whom he had prayed for years. Pastor Dieupie asked that we share this story as an encouragement to those who are praying for unsaved loved ones. God is so faithful!

Retreats were packed out!

The recent annual retreats for both ladies and men were packed out this year. For the ladies, Board Member Andrea Pisarcik and co-workers Cindy Putney and Caroline Ahrens prepared very practical lessons from the book of James and crafts that were enjoyed by all the attendees. For the men, Pastor Salomon invited a gifted Haitian pastor from Port-au-Prince. His topic was “A man after God’s own heart.” These retreats have become a special time of spiritual renewal and rededication.

Grateful for Teamwork

Our January projects began with replacement of a badly leaking kindergarten roof. Eager-hearted teams came from Mayfair Bible Church, Flushing, Michigan, and Bethel Baptist Church, Sellersville, Pennsylvania, under the direction of Craig Dehmel and Rick Seifert. The teams continued working into the second week at Camp Bossier to gradually correct a serious ravine problem that continues to plague us. (This project is not complete yet, because it is NOT an easy fix.) Then we were blessed with a medical team led by Dr. Patrick Hawley and nurses Theresa Dehmel and Germaine Gilbert, along with Haitian doctor Sem Victorin. Their proficiency was a delight to Jacmel patients as well as to very needy rural patients in La Montagne and Lavanneau. They worked long hours with joy and patience! PTL

Construction Team

Medical Team

Kindergarten Building

In Loving Memory

  • Homer R. Hixon- North Rose, NY
  • Robert J. Formanack- Eagan, MN
  • Todd Fredrick James Lurtey- Greenville, SC

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.

Numbers 6:24-26

We are powered by your prayers and enabled by your gifts, Thank you!

Tom, Sarah, and Pastor Dicupie