"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

November Prayer Letter

Posted on November 7th, 2017

“And whoever is left in any place where he dwells, let the men of his place help him with silver and gold . . . for the house of God . . . .” (Ezra 1:4)

Mont Flueri’s plea is similar to that of Ezra’s to help build the “house of God.” As many of you saw in our recent newsletter, construction from the foundation up has begun with Haitian masons. However, funds for stuccoing the walls, building the trusses, and purchasing the roofing are sadly lacking. God has graciously provided a team of men who will arrive on January 6. Lord willing, they will complete this long-awaited church for the believers of Mont Flueri. MFH wants to encourage all our supporters to pray diligently for this project, and also to ask God if He would have you contribute financially for the completion of this church. Many of the believers are working feverishly to help the project move as quickly as possible. They are so excited!!

While I was in Pignon this past summer, the church my parents founded (The Evangelistic Baptist Church of Pignon) was planning a 70th anniversary celebration on the first Sunday of November. They wanted me to be present. Unfortunately, I could not make that trip in addition to my planned trip in January. However, my sister, Christene, will be present. The guest list includes all the pastors and lay pastors who received their training from this home church and who presently pastor other churches. As the list was compiled, the church leaders were amazed that 50+ pastors and lay pastors would be invited. (Some are Home with the Lord by now.) We give glory to God for the Christ honoring ministry He brought to Pignon through my parents by His grace! PTL

One of our Board members recently requested that I share parts of Mother’s book that tells the history of our ministry in Haiti. Tom and I praise God for allowing us to have a little part in this rich and godly heritage. The following are excerpts from my parent’s book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.”

“We were young; we had seen the Lord in His word; we had heard His call; so we stepped out by faith. It did not matter that we had two young children, that no one had made any commitment to support us, and that we had no mission to back us or a mission station to go to on the field. We were excited and felt rich – with $600 in our pockets, our tickets purchased from California to Haiti, and the promises of God flooding our souls. We boarded a train in Los Angeles, bade our loved ones goodbye, and were on our way.

We arrived in Miami on January 1, 1947, on a train filled with wealthy vacationers. Upon arrival they soon drove off in taxis and left us the sole occupants of the big station. It was Sunday morning, and worshiping the Lord in His house came first; so we left our bags in the station and decided to wait until later to think about lodging. A short distance from the station we saw a small church, and the Spirit of God directed us to it. The sign read “Assembly of God.” Upon entering the church we found it was a Plymouth Brethren Assembly. We were warmly received. The elder, Brother Coombs, invited us to his home after church for dinner. That evening the little congregation asked us to give our testimony, and they took an offering for us.

We were scheduled to fly out on Tuesday morning. That left only one day for Oran to find a shipping company and arrange for the transportation of our excess baggage to Haiti. Upon checking, Oran was told that New Orleans was the only port that did business with Haiti. This seemed like an insurmountable problem. Then Brother Coombs remembered hearing about a new shipping company. We discovered that the company was making its maiden voyage – destination: Haiti – and the ship was to set sail at six o’clock that evening. There was a lot of rushing, but when that ship left, it was carrying our baggage. We later learned that this was the first and last trip that company made to Haiti.

(To be continued.) There is no end to God’s faithfulness!!

With grateful hearts to you our donors,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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