"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

February Prayer Letter

Posted on February 12th, 2018

“You pushed me violently, that I might fall, but the Lord helped me.”
(Psalm 118:13)

Tom and I felt the enemy’s attack as soon as we arrived in Haiti on January 3rd. Our vital co-worker and right arm of the ministry, Josué Laguerre (CFO of Hosanna Ministries), was struck with brutal typhoid fever that very day! Treatment began immediately, but there were complications with pneumonia and severe anemia. He was hospitalized in Jacmel until the doctor urged that he be taken to a private hospital in Port-au-Prince for urgent care. Continuous high fevers and dangerously low blood count persisted days on end, and the cause of his illness remained undiagnosed even after multiple tests. The attending physician finally pulled the family aside and confessed, “I am more stressed than any of you, because I have a patient in front of me who is dying and I don’t know what I can do for him.” At this point, quick plans to transport Josué to Cuba by means of medevac began, since there his wife has family in the medical community and his treatment would be almost without cost. So we rushed to pull finances together, and Josué was flown to Cuba on January 27. An immediate blood transfusion was done followed by a leukemia test which proved negative – PRAISE GOD!

Tom and I are waiting before the Lord for His solution to this dilemma. Our hearts are confident and trusting that, “[He] shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalm 118:17) We will keep our friends updated concerning his condition on Facebook. Please, we covet your prayers for Josué and his young family!

Praise God – Two Churches Were Covered

Craig Dehmel and his team successfully roofed two churches. Mont Flueri church came first, and then Pastor Salomon’s church. Bethany Baptist Church in Oban has leaked for a long time. Finally, through this opportunity, they not only got a new roof but were able to add seven feet to the length of their building. This additional space has given them a nice platform which they did not have before. We are so grateful for the team who came and worked in the rain to accomplish these two projects! Thank you!!

Medical and Dental Clinics – a Wonderful Success

Dr. Patrick Hawley and Dr. Michael Gusar did an amazing job with both clinics. The medical clinic saw over 600 patients in 5 days. The dental clinic did extractions only and saw 38 patients in 4 days. Again, we are so grateful for these professionals who left their practices and came to minister in the heat and uncomfortable surroundings. Health care is so pathetic in Haiti. Haitians are deeply grateful for those who care enough to come!

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.”)

“The clinic came first. We did not plan it that way; the Lord dropped it in our laps. We had been in Pignon for just a few months, struggling with the language, getting acclimated to the primitive tropical surroundings, and being oriented to the new way of life, when it happened. A lady with a deep sore on her forehead came to our door asking us to give her something to heal it. We brought out our family medical kit prepared for us by Peter, my pharmacist brother, and through trial and error we discovered the cure for it. The woman was delighted, and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to witness to her. However, we were not prepared for what followed. She spread the news, and one morning soon after we woke up to find a group of people waiting outside our door suffering from their tropical ailments.”
(To be continued next month.)

Our deep thanks to God for each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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