"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

May Prayer Letter

Posted on May 9th, 2018

Immoral Production Rebuffed by Pastor/Senator Cherubin

Carnival, the national Mardi Gras festivity in Haiti, is held annually in late February. Since Jacmel is a tourist city, many entertainment groups from Port-au-Prince come there to perform. This past Carnival, Haiti’s former president, who was a professional singer with his band and performing around the world before he became president, decided to invite himself to the Carnival celebration in Jacmel. (He has been known to perform in a diaper.) As if the despicable Mardi Gras is not a big enough problem, the thoughts of this man making an appearance in this manner was repulsive to the Christian community. This announcement was alarming to Senator Dieupie and the mayor of Jacmel, who is also a pastor!! After much prayer and consideration, these two brave pastors wrote the former president a letter and UN-invited him! Wow! A bombshell! Unheard-of!

Taking such a stand as this has its consequences. There are some in the Parliament who now appear standoffish to Senator Dieupie. His godly and uncompromising testimony is becoming more apparent among his colleagues, and becoming a bigger threat to his enemies. We covet your prayers for our dear Pastor Dieupie as his witness of salt and light continues throughout the Southeast.

Need for Camp Scholarships is Growing

MFH is expanding our camping ministry from three weeks to five weeks of camp this summer. Therefore, the need for scholarships is growing. The following are just a few testimonies from the young people whose lives have been changed through finding Christ as Savior. Our thanks and God’s blessings to you for your help.

  • “God brought me to this camp so He could put His hand on me. I accepted Christ as my Savior on the
    fourth day. I no longer fear death or Satan because I feel His presence in my life. I want to have the same integrity that Joseph had and learn to stand alone for what’s right.”
  • “I arranged my suitcase to come to this camp with a big reluctance. But God touched my heart the first day
    I stepped into chapel. I accepted Christ as my savior and I felt a big change come into my life. I have never been an honest person but that has changed now. Please pray that I will not be deceived by Satan.”
  • “I thank God that Jesus has taken me out of the darkness and put me into the light. But Satan always wants to influence me in fornication. Please help me pray that this terrible thing will leave me. I want to stay firm in Christ until I die. I don’t want to go anywhere near the flames of hell.”

Praise God for 39 precious souls in Hosanna Schools!! Chapel services are held weekly at Hosanna High School/Elementary school. These young people have come to Christ during this school year! Please pray for the discipleship efforts that are being made with these students in order that they will grow in Christ.

* * *

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward”.)

“The schools offered us perhaps the second-best opportunity to carry the Gospel into homes where otherwise we would never have had access. We became burdened for the children, and the Lord laid it on our hearts to take them off the street, provide clothing, books, a small nourishment, and open a school where they could learn not only the three Rs but also the Word of God and the way of salvation. Our first school opened its doors with four teachers and 150 children. It was a success right from the start. Folks back home sustained us with their support.”

Tom and I will be making a trip to Jacmel on May 18th. Our trip involves making plans for our January 2019 project, a SBTH Board meeting, Camp Bossier meetings, and taking care of several radio technicalities.

With Gratitude to God in our Heart for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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