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December 2018 Pray Letter

Posted on December 10th, 2018

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light,Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a Light has shined.”
(Isaiah 9:2)

December 1947 Mother wrote the following about their first Christmas in Haiti.

“We determined to bring the true message of Christmas joy and good tidings to a village that sat in darkness. All they knew was a season of fear shrouded by evil spirits. Each Christmas they visited the witchdoctor, who bathed them with his herbs to wash away the evil spirits of the past year in order that they might be able to cope with the evils the new year would bring upon them. They did not know that Christmas was a celebration of Christ’s coming to save them from all their fears and evils. Our hearts were deeply touched and saddened as we listened to these babes in Christ describe how they had spent their past Christmas Eves at the shrine of the witchdoctor.

“So we began to prepare our first Christmas pageant with the new believers God had given us. The choir we had organized learned the Christmas carols, and others memorized the biblical passages. We had Mary and Joseph, shepherds and angels, wise men, and King Herod. We invited the people but were not prepared for the crowd or for their enthusiastic efforts to see and hear the Christmas story. They quickly filled the benches and the aisles. They packed in the doorway and climbed up and sat on the windowsills and moved onto the rafters until they were filled. Then they moved up on the platform so it was difficult to distinguish the actors from the spectators. The message went forth – glory to His Name!”

Construction: We have a great need for construction volunteers. The dates are January 9 – 18. The project is a lunchroom for Hosanna students. At last, after 40+ years of waiting for such an opportunity, God has opened this door. Please consider coming for these few days and helping with this exciting project. Walt Rumminger is making one last trip to Haiti to visit the ministry. There will be a great time of fellowship with Walt.

Helping Hand Scholarships: The future hope of Haiti rest on the youth. Only those who are given a strong spiritual and academic foundation can provide good quality leadership in business or politics. Hosanna Schools is recognized in the community as being a spiritual lighthouse with an accelerated educational program; however, there are struggling families who need help because some have as many as four children in the school. We covet your prayers for this fund and your financial help when possible. Thank you!

Pastor/Senator Dieupie Sharing

“Haiti is experiencing a critical time in its history. For ten years, Haiti benefited from a special consideration on gas from another country. The financial agreement provided delayed financing with a portion of the money intended to finance infrastructure improvements. The time to start paying back has come and there is no money. The former president and members of the government benefited personally. My opponents were deeply involved in this.”

Six months ago, in a panic,current President Moise
Jovenel raised the tax on gas by $1.30 a gallon. The country revolted! Horrible riots began which resulted in the tax being withdrawn. Protests for restitution from those who profited continue. Recently,the protesters have taken on terrifying satanic influences. Through Hosanna Radio, Pastor Dieupie is alerting all believers to do prayer walks
in the city to oppose the satanic influence. Pray for Haiti!  

With thanks and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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