"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

May 2019 Prayer Letter

Posted on May 6th, 2019

Easter Sunday – Voodoo Chains Broken

The Passion Week at Hosanna was glorious! There were nightly services, each one lasting a minimum of three hours as Christians responded to the preaching and rejoiced in the resurrection with singing and testimonies. Some from the unsaved community, who follow Hosanna Radio, attended the services, and six souls accepted Christ as Savior. As Pastor Dieupie was preaching on Easter Sunday morning, a man walked forward to accept Christ even before the invitation was given, He is known in the community for being deep into voodoo worship. After accepting Christ, he asked that some men come to his house the following morning to burn his voodoo charms. This is done in an actual service with singing, prayer, and scripture reading. Following this service, the man’s wife asked to accept Christ as her Savior also. Hallelujah!! Their voodoo chains were broken on Easter Sunday!!

The Bible is Walking

A short time ago, Pastor Rejouis of Hananeel Baptist Church in Mont Flueri felt motivated to start a club for young people who walk through neighborhoods and knock on doors, asking if they can come in and read one or two chapters in the Bible to the family. They then invite the family to church. They started in the book of Genesis. The first week that they did this, a man was very moved and said that he would come to church on Sunday. Indeed he did! And he came forward and accepted Christ as his Savior. The young people have named the club “The Bible is Walking” and they have visited 125 homes in only two weeks’ time. Please pray for these excited young people and their club. May it continue to bear fruit!!

May 24 – Seminary Graduation

Ten graduates will be marching this year – nine to receive their license and one to receive his diploma. Tom and I have the privilege of being present to celebrate this event. These pastors for the most part already have churches but up until now have been deficient in sound doctrinal training. This occasion also celebrates a momentous achievement because they are family men with a church, a part-time job, and classes each evening. These challenges have created a discipline of character in SBTH students that breeds a quality of perseverance, benefiting their congregations. We praise the Lord for His motivating grace in each of their lives!

A Gentle Reminder

The Camp Scholarships and Help with the Lunchroom

We consider Camp Bossier one of the most effective evangelistic outreach tools that God has given us. We will have 500 campers from June 24 through August 2. We covet prayers for campers as satanic chains are broken and young lives are transformed for the glory of God. We strive to keep scholarships at only $45, though food costs are high.

The lunchroom program has long been a dream for Pastor Diuepie. We would like it to be completed by the time school opens at the end of August. Again, inflation has created many problems for us in this little third-world country. We covet your prayers that all things will work together for His glory!

With thanks to you and gratitude in our hearts to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

PS. Continue to keep the delicate political situation in your prayers. It has affected every sector of their life. We are praying that this situation will bring a spiritual revival. Thank you, dear friends.

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