"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

June 2019 Prayer Letter

Posted on June 9th, 2019

“Bless the Lord, O my soul!!” (Psalm 103:1)

Our hearts are overflowing with thanks to God for touching so many hearts and meeting the financial needs of three very important projects! First, we were concerned for the lunchroom project – and the Lord has met that need! Second, we needed camp scholarships for the 500 young people we will be ministering to at Camp Bossier from June 24 through August 2nd – and the Lord has met most of that need. Third, we became aware of an urgent radio need that we had not even mentioned to anyone for fear of overburdening our donors. This weighty need is to replace some rusted/worn out/deficient equipment. Our gracious Lord is meeting this need as well!! Our gratitude and thanks to all those who have allowed God to use you to see these projects through. Hallelujah!!

One From Among Them Reached Them!

One of our Hosanna high school students, whose spiritual life has been exemplary, was asked to speak in chapel last week. His topic was “What kind of a Christian are you?” He used the passage in John 15 that speaks of the vine and the branches. He concluded with Romans 6:23 and gave an invitation. Eight students with tears in their eyes came forward to accept Christ as Savior. They confessed that they knew there was something missing in their lives. This incident has sparked a mini-revival in the school. Please pray for these students as they enter the summer months that they will stay true to their decision and to the Lord!

Making HIM Known in Mont Flueri

Hananeel Baptist Church in Mont Flueri continues to flourish with evangelism. Pastor Rejouis constantly encourages spiritual development. “The Bible is Walking” continues to draw many from the community to the church. The sewing school continues. A young lady in the “Learning English” class that started a few months ago accepted Christ as Savior two weeks ago. There will be a number of young people attending Camp Bossier this summer, and several young adults will be developing their church leadership skills by attending IBELL, a three-week intensive discipleship training class. They also look forward to a week-long VBS as well as a vigorous soccer camp with an emphasis on evangelism. Please pray for many salvations through these programs this summer.

Political, Economic, and Social Unrest in Haiti

Our CFO, Josue Laguerre writes concerning the trauma facing our beloved third-world country. “Haiti is experiencing a very harsh reality. Organized gangs wreak havoc–i.e., harass and rob merchants, violate young ladies walking to school in Port-au-Prince, and have been known to kill policemen. Inflation is rampant and greatly devalues our currency. However, we know that God still reigns! Please pray for Haiti and for your brothers and sisters in Christ.” We ask that you continue your prayers for Pastor/Senator Dieupie, who serves as a beacon in the middle of all this.

Summer Programs Continue – With Your Prayers

Yes! There are concerns for those traveling from the US to minister at Camp Bossier. We continue trusting in the Lord for protection as we have been doing from the early days of this ministry. Most of the chaos is happening in Port-au-Prince. Jacmel stays calm most of the time. We earnestly covet your prayers!!!

With thanks to you and gratitude in our hearts to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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