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January 2020 Prayer Letter

Posted on January 10th, 2020

The Crisis in Haiti Persists

The economic and political crisis resulting from a clash between the President and the opposition continues! The outrage is a result of allegations that following the 2010 earthquake, the President and certain government officials misappropriated billions of dollars meant for social development projects. Opposition leaders have sought to harness this anger to force the President’s ouster and the formation of a transitional government. Presently, the opposition has decided to change their strategy, realizing how detrimental school closings have been because of all the roadblocks. Even after almost a year of demonstrations, there seems to be little hope of a restoration of peace and reelections for a legitimate government. The parliamentary elections last October failed because of the inability of the President to work with the opposition, and Haitians are not confident that further elections will be free of corruption.

Schools have opened, but absent a miracle, this calm will not remain. The economy is at its very worst!! Only God knows the real solution to this crisis. Please keep Haiti in your prayers!

New Converts Class Growing

A new converts class that began with 13 adults has now grown to 25. These are the new believers who came to Christ when our CFO, Josue Laguerre, decided to have outreach open-air services in his neighborhood last fall. (We shared this story in our fall newsletter.) Following this outreach, Josue organized a one-hour discipleship class for these believers every Monday evening. However, they come early and stay late because of their enthusiasm! They are not only learning Bible doctrines but learning hymns also – something they never knew before! Josue is also a musician and plays the piano beautifully. These new babes in Christ praise God for the hope they found in Christ during the evil days of their country’s crisis! PTL

Finally – School Opened December 4th

Parents, children, and young people were so grateful and excited that school has finally started. They were all holding their breath for fear that the street barricades would return. Praise God this did not happen, and they realize this is an answer to their prayers. In a recent high school chapel service, our administrator passionately challenged the students to be serious in their relationship with Christ. It was a very moving service, and ten young people came forward to accept Christ as Savior and promised to live their lives for Him. They realize their country is in a very serious crisis and they want to be on “praying ground” with God.

Medical Clinic – Badly Needed

Doctors Patrick Hawley and Sem Victorin, along with other medical personnel, will be in Jacmel March 4 – 11 for our annual medical clinic. If there were ever a time when this clinic is needed, it is NOW. Doctors and medical staff across the country are saying that unusually high levels of malnourishment are already claiming the lives of the country’s most vulnerable. The malnutrition opens the door for infections as well as other diseases. We suspect that the demands on our medical team will be extremely heavy this year. Last year we treated over 900 patients in 5 days. Please pray that the Lord will touch the hearts of those who don’t know Christ as Savior and bring them to Salvation. This is always our goal.

With Thanks to God and Gratitude in our Hearts for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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