"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

April Prayer Letter

Posted on April 12th, 2018

“O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave;
Thou hast kept me alive . . .

(Psalm 30:3)

(Testimony from Josué Laguerre)

“My family and I want to thank our Lord for bringing me back to life. A million thanks to all of you, my family in Christ, who allowed your heart to be touched by God and to contribute so generously to all the medical expenses. God sees and rewards! May He return and provide abundantly for all your needs for His glory.”

Josué’s Homecoming

A congregation of over 1000 gathered at Hosanna Baptist Church the first Sunday Josué and his family returned to Jacmel. Many came to the service as much as an hour early just to get a good seat to see him as he and his family entered the building. Having just returned from Cuba the previous day, his arrival at church Sunday morning was slightly late and happened during the prayer. There were those watching for him; and as soon as he entered the building, they gave a signal and the prayer was interrupted with a standing ovation and joyous clapping! Then for the next two and a half hours, singing and testimonies of gratitude to God continued, followed by Josué’s testimony and then the morning message! Finally, the four-hour service was over; but still that wasn’t all, because so many folks wanted pictures of Josué and his family. All this joyful reaction occurred because for over two months, twice-a-week intercessory prayer meetings had been held from 8 p.m. to midnight. What rejoicing! What thanksgiving! What praise to our God!

Faith honors God and God honors Faith

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward,” and from chapter 3 concerning their first experiences with medical care.)

“We knew next to nothing about tropical ills and felt terribly incapable of helping these people; but neither could we turn them away. We would be sending them back to the witch doctor, who had already impoverished them without results, and there were no medical centers for miles around in those days. Our hearts ached for them – suffering with pain, tormented by fear, and living without hope. Was this the open door for which we had prayed that we might share the message of salvation with them? We threw ourselves upon God and made our meager medical supplies available to them. The Lord worked miracles in the selection and application of the medicines for the various diseases. Our supplies were limited, and I do not remember if we even considered what might happen if our children suddenly faced an emergency and we found our kit empty. Every morning our front door would be surrounded with an increasing number of patients. The numbers soared; the results improved; and our supplies ran low. But God had begun this work, and we trusted Him to supply not only the needed medicines but also His protection to treat the diseases without the proper conditions. We experienced His all-sufficiency. The supplies came through the gracious generosity of the Eagle Creek Church in Knox, Indiana, for it was at this crucial time that they began to support us and have faithfully continued their support these 38 years.” May we add that this same church that started supporting our parents 71 years ago is still supporting the ministry to this day! PTL

Our deep thanks to God and to each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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