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March 2019 Prayer Letter

Posted on March 11th, 2019

In the Providence of God, Pastor Dieupie’s Gospel Light was NOT Extinguished

Haiti’s Parliament has 30 senators, three from each of the 10 departments (states). Each calendar year, the Senate organizes internal elections to elect a president and secretary. The party to which Pastor Dieupie belongs decided to endorse one particular member for the office of the presidency. All members of his party unanimously agreed to vote their candidate which would have insured his election. However, following the count of the clerk, it was revealed that one person in their party had voted differently, resulting in their candidate losing. Amazed at the results, members questioned the outcome and wondered who betrayed the group and voted differently. Gradually someone shifted the blame to “the pastor” and accused him of being untrustworthy. As Pastor Dieupie is the secretary of the Senate, he realized that the purpose of this slander was to neutralize and isolate his leadership role and testimony in the Senate.

“Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you … .”(Psalm 50:15).

As Pastor Dieupie prayed and waited on the Lord, the spirit of God reminded him of a little detail he had put on his ballot that the others had NOT put on theirs. When the senators were marking their ballots, they wrote only the man’s last name. In the providence of God, Pastor Dieupie had written the man’s full name!

Two days later, Pastor Dieupie came to the floor of the Senate. He asked for the ballots to be brought into the room. He asked to be allowed to shed light on this shameful issue of which he was the victim. Those who were afraid of the truth tried to dissuade him, but he firmly announced that if he was not allowed to clear his name he would resign his position as secretary of the Senate and leave the party. He then gave a specific explanation of how his ballot differed from the others and asked that his ballot be circulated in the room as proof. Several senators were shamed and others apologized for doubting him. The enemy’s effort to silence Pastor Dieupie’s testimony was disgraced! PTL!

Additional Lunchroom Funds Needed

For years, Pastor Dieupie has prayed for and anticipated the day when Hosanna Schools in Jacmel could offer its students a hot lunch program as all Catholic and State schools do. (This is extremely important in a third-world country where many families don’t eat even once a day.) The realization of this fact would demonstrate to the community the caring testimony of the Gospel message that Hosanna preaches to greater Jacmel.

As we have already shared, the Lord opened the door for us to receive a specific grant for this project. Since early November, Haitian and American construction workers have been working excitedly on this project. We are three-quarters of the way completed. However, because of the citizens’ upheaval against their corrupt government in recent months, the price of construction materials has skyrocketed. (Food and gas prices have greatly risen as well.) Consequently, our lunchroom funds have been depleted before the completion of this project! Please pray with us and consider whether God would have you help us complete this project for the children by September.

A Temporary Calm in Haiti

Josue Laguerre, our CFO and Administrator, shares the following. “We fear the return of hostilities between the protagonists. However, we have no choice but to go about our daily activities. As long as we are alive, we must take care of our families and daily bring bread on the table. I have special thoughts for those who have almost nothing to eat. Prices for basic necessities increased significantly after the 10 days of rioting activities in Haiti. Few of us still believe that better days are coming because God cares for us!” We covet your prayers for Haiti!!

With thanks to you and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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