"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

October 2020 Prayer Letter

Posted on October 7th, 2020

Pray for our Beloved Walt Rumminger

Over a year ago, Walt became very ill with transverse myelitis (an inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord), which left his right side paralyzed from his shoulder to his foot. This happened on the heels of his retirement and after his having given MFH 17 years of his excellent building expertise in the construction of all our major buildings. This condition blindsided him; however, we were amazed to hear him say, “I’m not even asking God why this has happened to me, because He knew about it before I was born.” Presently, Walt continues to weaken. His wife suffers from bone cancer, but cares for Walt so tenderly and lovingly. Our hearts are compassionate toward them, and we covet your prayers for God’s grace as they endure this trial of their faith!

Highlighting this month:
Salomon Cadet

Pastor – Director of Camp Bossier – Seminary Professor

“That they might set their hope in God, and not forget the works of God, but keep His commandments.” (Psalm 78:7)

God used the above verse in Pastor Salomon’s heart to confirm his passion to work with young people and rescue them from Satan’s grip through voodoo and witchcraft. Although Salomon grew up in a Catholic family that practiced witchcraft and participated in voodoo ceremonies led by his grandparents, he and his siblings were NOT forbidden to visit Gospel-preaching services in the village. He praises God for this, because it allowed him to hear the Gospel message multiple times. One by one, he and his five siblings and his mother accepted Christ as Savior. (His father continues to reject Christ, because he cannot give up cockfighting.)

As Salomon grew in the Lord and became a fervent disciple of Christ, MFH sent him to the Theological Evangelical Seminary of Port-au-Prince for his BS degree, and later he earned an MA degree in counseling from Indiana Wesleyan University through their satellite program. Following his BS degree, we recognized God’s direction to use him in the camping ministry. Dr. Ken Hay of The Wilds Camp and Conference Center, Brevard, North Carolina, arranged for Salomon to come to the States for training at The Wilds and prepared him for the MFH camping ministry! Pastor Salomon is one of the five Hosanna leaders who will make up the MFH Board in Haiti.

God orchestrated many events to give us Camp Bossier by the Sea. This five-acre ocean site had been purchased by missionaries almost 40 years earlier but remained mostly undeveloped. When we went with Walt Rumminger to view this property, we saw its possibilities as a camp and conference center and received permission to build on it. Through Dr. Hay and the newly formed CampsAbroad division for camps around the world, plans to build Camp Bossier began. We organized a huge fundraiser, motivated multiple work teams from many churches, and erected nine buildings in two months under Walt’s leadership. Finally, we were ready for Dr. Hay and his staff to come to Haiti, train counselors, design a Christ-honoring program for young people, and prepare Pastor Salomon as the camp’s director. God’s marvelous hand has been on the camp and on Pastor Salomon. Over the past ten years, over 4000 young people have attended camp, over 1600 spiritual decisions have been made for Christ, and hundreds of conferences have been conducted there. God has used Salomon’s love for young people to draw them to Christ and give them a thirst for God and a desire for victory in their spiritual lives.

What’s going on in Haiti?

COVID-19 is almost nonexistent now, for which we PRAISE GOD! However, corruption continues, inflation continues, and hunger continues. We praise and thank God for you, our faithful and God-given donors and prayer warriors!

Tom and Sarah Bennett