"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

May 2020 Prayer Letter

Posted on May 6th, 2020


“Salvation is an aggregate of mercies incalculable in number, priceless in value, incessant in application, eternal in endurance! To the God of our mercies be glory, world without end.” (Spurgeon on the Psalms)

COVID-19 in Haiti

We want to express our deep thanks to all of you who are praying that God will be merciful to Haiti concerning this virus. So far there are only 74 cases reported, and only 6 deaths. However, those who study the wave of this virus are predicting that the peak might very possibly be mid-summer, and that thousands will be affected. Our hearts are so sympathetic because this poor country has been suffering (and still is) from a political and economic crisis for over a year! Furthermore, social distancing is almost impossible because of the way Haitians function culturally, not to mention how totally unprepared they are medically to handle any COVID-19 victims. As a third-world country, they are particularly vulnerable. Please continue to plead for God’s mercy on our beloved Haiti.

God’s Mercies and Your Prayers

The pandemic news from all over the world has prompted serious questions about eternity in the hearts of many Haitians. Because Hosanna Radio is the only Christian station in the Jacmel vicinity, and it has become the most listened-to station. The station manager, Josue Sanon, reported that unsaved people are stopping him on the streets and reporting that they are listening to 102.3. As a wonderful result, there have already been 101 professions of faith in the month of April alone. The station has a 24/7 hotline, manned primarily by Brother Belizaire, who receives calls anytime, day or night, for prayer and for confessing Jesus Christ as Savior. Among those who accepted Christ was a man who insisted that Brother Belizaire come to his house that very day and have a service with him to burn all his satanic fetishes. Another young lady who called and said that she was secretly hiding as she was praying with him because her Catholic father will put her out of the house if he knows what she is doing. A 19-year old young man who prayed with Brother Belizaire shared that his mother had just died the day before and was not even buried, yet he felt he HAD to accept Christ immediately!

Pastor Dieupie has been having Hosanna services each Sunday over the radio. His message on Palm Sunday seemed to strike a chord in many hearts. Brother Belizaire’s phone registered over 50 calls on that day. By the time he returned all the calls, he realized that 13 had accepted Christ as Savior. We see that God is working in a wonderful way!! Because of the internet, Hosanna Radio is heard in other parts of the world. Haitians living in Chile, France, Canada, Brazil, USA, and Dominican Republic are able to receive 102.3. There have been professions of faith from some of these countries as well. HALLULIAH FOR HOSANNA RADIO!!

Our dear co-laborers, we see this world-wide pandemic as a call to repentance! Tom and I pray that what is happening in Haiti is also happening around the world. Perhaps (though not sure) this may be the last global call!

“Behold I come quickly.” “And behold I come quickly.” “Surely I am coming quickly.”
(Revelation 22:7a, 12a, 20b)

With gratitude and thanks to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett