"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

July Prayer Letter

Posted on July 8th, 2020

Phenomenal—God’s Faithfulness to Mission for Haiti Over 73 Years

Following 32 years of faithful service on the field, my parents, Oran and Arshaloos, turned the ministry over to national leaders whom they had trained. Eighteen years later and following the ministry’s 50th anniversary, my parents passed the baton to my husband and me. Since we were not young when we assumed this responsibility (1996), the time to pass the baton again is upon us. Therefore, we wish to share with you the next step of faith that God has laid out before us. But first, we are compelled to extol God’s faithfulness to this ministry through all of you, our dedicated co-laborers!! God has used each of you who have been so committed to the ministry’s objectives, sustaining MFH over the years. We have been amazed to see how each generation of supporters is perpetuated into another generation. We see this as a God thing, and we praise Him for it!!

Recently we shared the news of how God took Pastor Dieupie into the Haitian parliament for four years and then returned him back full-time to Hosanna Ministries. He did not seek reelection. We believe that his brief time in the Senate was “as an occasion for testimony” (Luke 21:13). We believe that God’s mandate was accomplished, and NOW the time has come for Pastor Dieupie to move forward with Mission for Haiti. Over the next nine months, MFH Board of Directors, along with Tom and me, will begin a process of transferring the oversight to Open Door Baptist Mission (ODBM), Greenville, South Carolina. This process will be accomplished with the most careful responsibility and integrity. All of you, our donors, will be kept well-informed all along the way as to this process. Under the direction of ODBM, the national committee of seasoned leadership will consist of Pastor Dieupie Cherubin, CFO Joshua Laguerre, Pastor Salomon Cadet, Pastor Rejouis Jean-Maxis, and Pastor Jean Toussaint. We covet your prayers as we move forward to perpetuate this ministry to the glory of God!

God’s Mercy

God’s mercy and answers to your prayers have kept the deaths from COVID-19 at bay!! As of this date there have been 5,975 cases, 931 recovered (on account of home remedies), and 105 deaths. The projected July peak was reached in mid-June, and by God’s grace we trust the numbers will continue to go down. We are rejoicing in God’s abundant mercy, because the predictions were unbelievably scary!

However, please pray, because the economic and political crises still exist in a very strong way! The opposition still wants President Jovenel Moise to leave because of his corruption in the PetroCaribe deal. Already, there is talk of demonstrations. Last fall these demonstrations closed schools and blocked roads so food and medicine couldn’t reach villages! Only God provides solutions to all crises situations in poverty-stricken countries!

The Seminary Library

Our Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti continues to enhance the quality of its pastoral degrees. Pastor Dieupie, Academic Dean, and Pastor Jean Toussaint, Vice-Academic Dean, are updating all academic requirements, including replenishing our Seminary library with French reference materials. Please keep this need in your prayers.

With gratitude and thanks to God for you,

Sarah Bennett (for both Tom and myself)