"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

April 2019 Prayer Letter
Posted on April 10th, 2019

Camp Bossier’s Advisor, Mentor, Inspiration
Dr. Ken Hay—Home with the Lord

With passion and fervent zeal for God, ministry, and young people, Dr. Ken Hay launched into a dream for a quality Christian camp that would point young people to Christ and challenge them to live for the glory of God. The year was 1969, and the camp known as The Wilds in the mountains of North Carolina was launched. Now, 50 years and half-a-million campers later, God has forever changed hundreds of thousands of young lives (and older ones as well) through the ministry of the Word of God at The Wilds. Following the success and blessing of this camp, another inspiration came into the heart of Dr. Hay. It was to share this camping concept with mission fields around the world through a division called CampsAbroad. This is where MFH came into the picture—by God’s amazing grace.

Prior to the devastating earthquake of 2010 in Haiti, God spoke to our hearts concerning a camp in Jacmel. Tom and I were in partnership with Pastor Dieupie Cherubin and Hosanna Ministries. We invited Dr. Hay to visit Jacmel to see an oceanfront property that early missionaries had purchased but not developed. Graciously, Dr. Hay took us under his wing and began making plans to bring CampsAbroad to Haiti. Tom and I began praying, “Dear Father, will You please show us how this camp can become a reality in Jacmel in order to reach the youth of Haiti?”

Prayer and planning began. How would we get the funds to build? Who would build it for us? Who would be our camp director? Step by step the Lord put all these things together. A casual barbeque was planned to raise the funds. The Lord had already blessed us with Walt Rumminger, church builder, and construction executive, for whom we praise God. But who would be our camp director? The Lord worked through a series of failed pursuits for Salomon Cadet to get into graduate school, and through that He showed us that Salomon was the one to lead the camp. Without delay Dr. Hay requested a visa for Salomon, and he was signed up for the CampsAbroad training.

Seven years and three thousand campers later, the blessings at Camp Bossier are too many to tell. Hundreds have come to Christ, and hundreds have been discipled and delivered from Satanism and immorality, turning their lives around from the world, the flesh, and the devil. This summer will be our eighth year. Please consider having a part with us in our scholarship program. Without this program it would be impossible for any young person to attend the camp since the Haitian economy doesn’t provide any type of work opportunities for young people. However, in order to develop appreciation for the excellent accommodations, each camper is required to participate in a small financial way. More than ever before, scholarships are so badly needed – especially with currency devaluation and rampant inflation. These scholarships are $45 per camper. Thank you for your help and for your prayers!!

With thanks to you and gratitude in our hearts to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

PS. Please keep the delicate political situation in your prayers. It has affected every sector of their life. We are praying that this situation will bring a spiritual revival. Thank you, dear friends.

March 2019 Prayer Letter
Posted on March 11th, 2019

In the Providence of God, Pastor Dieupie’s Gospel Light was NOT Extinguished

Haiti’s Parliament has 30 senators, three from each of the 10 departments (states). Each calendar year, the Senate organizes internal elections to elect a president and secretary. The party to which Pastor Dieupie belongs decided to endorse one particular member for the office of the presidency. All members of his party unanimously agreed to vote their candidate which would have insured his election. However, following the count of the clerk, it was revealed that one person in their party had voted differently, resulting in their candidate losing. Amazed at the results, members questioned the outcome and wondered who betrayed the group and voted differently. Gradually someone shifted the blame to “the pastor” and accused him of being untrustworthy. As Pastor Dieupie is the secretary of the Senate, he realized that the purpose of this slander was to neutralize and isolate his leadership role and testimony in the Senate.

“Call upon me in the day of trouble: I will deliver you … .”(Psalm 50:15).

As Pastor Dieupie prayed and waited on the Lord, the spirit of God reminded him of a little detail he had put on his ballot that the others had NOT put on theirs. When the senators were marking their ballots, they wrote only the man’s last name. In the providence of God, Pastor Dieupie had written the man’s full name!

Two days later, Pastor Dieupie came to the floor of the Senate. He asked for the ballots to be brought into the room. He asked to be allowed to shed light on this shameful issue of which he was the victim. Those who were afraid of the truth tried to dissuade him, but he firmly announced that if he was not allowed to clear his name he would resign his position as secretary of the Senate and leave the party. He then gave a specific explanation of how his ballot differed from the others and asked that his ballot be circulated in the room as proof. Several senators were shamed and others apologized for doubting him. The enemy’s effort to silence Pastor Dieupie’s testimony was disgraced! PTL!

Additional Lunchroom Funds Needed

For years, Pastor Dieupie has prayed for and anticipated the day when Hosanna Schools in Jacmel could offer its students a hot lunch program as all Catholic and State schools do. (This is extremely important in a third-world country where many families don’t eat even once a day.) The realization of this fact would demonstrate to the community the caring testimony of the Gospel message that Hosanna preaches to greater Jacmel.

As we have already shared, the Lord opened the door for us to receive a specific grant for this project. Since early November, Haitian and American construction workers have been working excitedly on this project. We are three-quarters of the way completed. However, because of the citizens’ upheaval against their corrupt government in recent months, the price of construction materials has skyrocketed. (Food and gas prices have greatly risen as well.) Consequently, our lunchroom funds have been depleted before the completion of this project! Please pray with us and consider whether God would have you help us complete this project for the children by September.

A Temporary Calm in Haiti

Josue Laguerre, our CFO and Administrator, shares the following. “We fear the return of hostilities between the protagonists. However, we have no choice but to go about our daily activities. As long as we are alive, we must take care of our families and daily bring bread on the table. I have special thoughts for those who have almost nothing to eat. Prices for basic necessities increased significantly after the 10 days of rioting activities in Haiti. Few of us still believe that better days are coming because God cares for us!” We covet your prayers for Haiti!!

With thanks to you and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

February 2019 Prayer Letter
Posted on February 18th, 2019

Haiti in a State of Chaos

Prayer is desperately needed for our beloved Haiti! What started on February 7th as street demonstrations against the government for gas shortages and exaggerated prices, inflation and serious currency devaluation, food and water scarcity, etc., has reached a new level in just one week. Presently, streets are blocked with burning tires, and schools and businesses (including pharmacies) are closed. Also, open markets and bakeries that provide daily bread and foods are all closed down. In some areas hospitals have been forced to close their doors because there is no fuel with which to function. The situation is serious! Please pray with us for relief!.

The people are asking the president to step down because they blame him for much of what is happening. The Christian community is rallying believers to hold prayer meetings and seek God’s face for relief in this situation.

Praise God for Accomplished Projects

God so marvelously protected our January plans that in spite of impending dangers all programs and projects were accomplished! Even I (Sarah) was able to leave before chaos broke loose!

Construction team – under the direction of Pastor Tim Marcengill and supervisor Festus Stroud from Oakdale Baptist Church, Townville, South Carolina arrived safely and completed one week of construction on the new lunchroom project for Hosanna Schools. These dear folks were a blessing to the ministry and we thank God for them.

Medical team – under the direction of Dr. Patrick Hawley, Grand Blanc, Michigan, and nurse practitioner Renata DosSantos, Rocky River, Ohio, accompanied by Haitian Dr. Sem Victorin of Jacmel conducted clinics in 5 rural areas and performed far beyond our expectations. These three professionals consulted and dispensed meds to over 905 patients in five days, working 10 hour days to accomplish this amazing feat. They served with courage and excellence. Patients were thrilled to have access to quality free clinics in these rural areas.

Dental team – Dr. Michael Gusar, Boston, MA, with his assistant, Naisha Varela, and RN Germaine Gilbert from Greenville, South Carolina, performed much needed dentistry. This team was amazing for two reasons. (1) The amount of work they accomplished and (2) work done under near-primitive conditions! They saw 61 patients, did 136 fillings, and performed 33 extractions. This clinic was an enormous blessing to the poor because even reasonable dental care is cost prohibitive for them. The team received much praise and thanks from communities, both near and far.

Our Annual Ladies Retreat

One hundred seventy-five ladies filled the cabins, the guest house, and overflowed onto the floor of the all-purpose building. The theme this year was “Redeeming the time… .” (Ephesians 5:16) Wonderful lessons and challenges were presented by the retreat director, Mrs. Andrea Pisarcik, Mrs. Bonite Affriany, Haitian director of a large orphanage in Jacmel, and guest speaker Mrs. Lois McNair, Foley, Alabama, women’s speaker and vocalist. Many topics were addressed to encourage godly ways of redeeming time in a challenging third-world culture.

God is Faithfully Shining Pastor Dieupie’s Light

This is a story you will not want to miss. In my next prayer letter, I will share an amazing story of how God’s faithfulness took Pastor Dieupie’s Gospel light and shined it directly into the eyes of his opponents!! PTL

With thanks to you and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

January 2019 Prayer
Posted on January 7th, 2019

“. . . while we do not look at things which are seen, but at the things which are NOT seen. For the things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are NOT seen are eternal.”
(II Corinthians 4:18)

About 8 p.m. on Christmas Day, I received word that my old home in Pignon, the home my dad had built for our family, had been totally destroyed by fire. It was built in 1951 – four years after Mom and Dad arrived in Haiti. I was devastated! It was the home I grew up in and the home in which I had ministered as an adult for ten years before we moved to Jacmel. (Those who stepped in to minister after we left continued to use the home for teams, etc.) For several hours after I received this news and saw pictures on my phone of the devastation, I felt overwhelmed. My focus was that the house was the physical representation of my parents and their work and now it was gone! Then the Lord stopped me cold and rebuked me! He reminded me that the spiritual work of my parents as they were giving the Gospel was the real representation of their lives and that the Gospel message they gave lives FOREVER and can never be destroyed like that house. I praise God for my childhood memories of my parents and all the spiritual works that were achieved in that home! So many spiritual victories were won, and so many defeats to the enemy of our soul took place there. What a treasure I have in my heart because of the Gospel. Praise His wonderful Name!!

Hosanna/MFH activities in January

The Hosanna School lunchroom project has been moving along very well and is now ready for our construction team, which will arrive on January 9. The Haitian masons laid the foundation, built the first floor walls, and poured the first floor roof. Our team will build the second floor walls and help pour the final roof. This team is under the Direction of Pastor Tim Marcengill and builder Festus Stroud from Oakdale Baptist Church, Townville, South Carolina. We are also privileged to have Walt Rumminger, retired commercial builder, who is making his final visit to Haiti, where he served the Lord with us for 16 years, building churches, the Bossier camp, the seminary building, and the kindergarten building, and also heading up a host of other construction projects, both in the North and in the South. Haitians as well as MFH folks all agree that he was sent to us from God, and we praise the Lord for him!

Our medical teamThe dental team will be led by Dr. Michael Gusar of Boston. Dr. Gusar and his team will be doing restoration dentistry. Typically, Haitians have very poor dental health resulting from inadequate diet and eating so much sugar cane. This clinic is an enormous blessing to the poor because even reasonable dental care is cost prohibitive for them.

Our ladies’ retreat will follow on the first weekend in February under the direction of Mrs. Andrea Pisarcik, Greenville, South Carolina. Assisting her will be Mrs. Lois McNair, Foley, Alabama (pastor’s wife, women’s speaker, and vocalist), and Mrs. Bonite Affriany, Haitian director of a large orphanage in Jacmel. Hosanna ladies eagerly look forward to these retreats each year. Last year 175 ladies attended, completely filling the cabins and guesthouse with the overflow being housed in the all-purpose building. It resembled a giant spend-the-night event as they spread their blankets on the cement floor. This year’s theme is “Redeeming the time, because the days are evil.” (Ephesians 5:16)

We are so grateful to the Lord for the financial support you, our co-laborers, contribute in order for the ministry to continue. All the above projects and the daily expenses of radio, camp, seminary, school, and church-plants continue on a regular basis. Thank you for praying and for giving.

With thanks and gratitude to God for you,
PS. Sarah will be in Haiti from Jan. 2 – Feb. 7.

December 2018 Pray Letter
Posted on December 10th, 2018

“The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light,Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a Light has shined.”
(Isaiah 9:2)

December 1947 Mother wrote the following about their first Christmas in Haiti.

“We determined to bring the true message of Christmas joy and good tidings to a village that sat in darkness. All they knew was a season of fear shrouded by evil spirits. Each Christmas they visited the witchdoctor, who bathed them with his herbs to wash away the evil spirits of the past year in order that they might be able to cope with the evils the new year would bring upon them. They did not know that Christmas was a celebration of Christ’s coming to save them from all their fears and evils. Our hearts were deeply touched and saddened as we listened to these babes in Christ describe how they had spent their past Christmas Eves at the shrine of the witchdoctor.

“So we began to prepare our first Christmas pageant with the new believers God had given us. The choir we had organized learned the Christmas carols, and others memorized the biblical passages. We had Mary and Joseph, shepherds and angels, wise men, and King Herod. We invited the people but were not prepared for the crowd or for their enthusiastic efforts to see and hear the Christmas story. They quickly filled the benches and the aisles. They packed in the doorway and climbed up and sat on the windowsills and moved onto the rafters until they were filled. Then they moved up on the platform so it was difficult to distinguish the actors from the spectators. The message went forth – glory to His Name!”

Construction: We have a great need for construction volunteers. The dates are January 9 – 18. The project is a lunchroom for Hosanna students. At last, after 40+ years of waiting for such an opportunity, God has opened this door. Please consider coming for these few days and helping with this exciting project. Walt Rumminger is making one last trip to Haiti to visit the ministry. There will be a great time of fellowship with Walt.

Helping Hand Scholarships: The future hope of Haiti rest on the youth. Only those who are given a strong spiritual and academic foundation can provide good quality leadership in business or politics. Hosanna Schools is recognized in the community as being a spiritual lighthouse with an accelerated educational program; however, there are struggling families who need help because some have as many as four children in the school. We covet your prayers for this fund and your financial help when possible. Thank you!

Pastor/Senator Dieupie Sharing

“Haiti is experiencing a critical time in its history. For ten years, Haiti benefited from a special consideration on gas from another country. The financial agreement provided delayed financing with a portion of the money intended to finance infrastructure improvements. The time to start paying back has come and there is no money. The former president and members of the government benefited personally. My opponents were deeply involved in this.”

Six months ago, in a panic,current President Moise
Jovenel raised the tax on gas by $1.30 a gallon. The country revolted! Horrible riots began which resulted in the tax being withdrawn. Protests for restitution from those who profited continue. Recently,the protesters have taken on terrifying satanic influences. Through Hosanna Radio, Pastor Dieupie is alerting all believers to do prayer walks
in the city to oppose the satanic influence. Pray for Haiti!  

With thanks and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

Fall 2018 Newsletter
Posted on November 8th, 2018

Helping Hand Scholarships for Hosanna Schools

Please help us assist students in struggling families!

Helping Hand Scholarships is a program designed for our Hosanna Christian School families who covet a better education for their children but struggle with the overall cost. This fund helps many disadvantaged families keep their children in school in spite of sudden “third-world distresses” that come up overnight. Accelerated education involves hiring well-educated teachers, which escalates the cost of the education.

The accelerated educational program we promote graduates students who are able to compete in a job market populated mostly by Catholic- or state-educated young people. This level of education is badly needed in the Christian community. However, we welcome unchurched families who value high moral principles as well—because in time these families come to faith Christ!

Parents are filled with gratitude for this financial help! We praise God that we are able to offer it because of your  compassionate gifts.

Hosanna Radio 102.3—reaching an audience of over 1.5 million.

(Transmitting facility on the mountain)

Hosanna Radio is reaching over 1.5 million across the Southeast/Southwest. While radio broadcasting is one of our most expensive outreaches, yet it is absolutely the most effective evangelizing tool. Souls accept Christ on a continual basis. Testimonies come to us constantly of what the programming means to them.

“I found Christ as my Savior through Hosanna Radio and am now delivered from satanic influences. I am growing in Jesus.”

“I don’t have to worry that my children might hear something that’s not correct on Hosanna. I keep it on all day with no worries.”

“Hosanna Radio keeps me tired all the time. I can’t turn it off at night to go to sleep. I’m up till 3 a.m. most nights, listening and getting blessed.”

“I consider Hosanna Radio to be the only true evangelistic Gospel radio in the entire southern part of Haiti because you give 100 percent of airtime (besides the news) to spiritual programming.”

We glorify God for giving us this station, and we thank all of you who hold it before the Throne of Grace through your prayers, and support it through sacrificial gifts.

Increasing Hosanna’s Caring Testimony

God has opened a door for a project that will reveal to the community a caring testimony of the Gospel we preach. This project is a lunchroom! Hosanna Elementary and High School is the only large school in Jacmel that doesn’t have a hot lunch program. This need has been a burden on Pastor Dieupie’s heart for many years. As the school has grown and gained popularity because of its academic excellence, the need has become more apparent. Many of the students come from poor families who are not able to give them more than some coffee and bread for breakfast. Others travel long distances with only a sandwich in their backpack to sustain them until they get home and eat their main meal at 3 p.m. Pastor Dieupie felt that the time to achieve this desire is now while he is a senator and he can get donated food from the government. Hence, through one of our Board Members, contact with a Christian foundation was opened to us. Our request was submitted, and approved, Praise God!

Artist rendering of lunchroom project

Now… Construction Volunteers are Seriously Needed

Block masons are the most pressing need for our project. However, we need “all hands on deck.” In other words, general laborers are needed and welcomed! We are trusting that many who read this letter will respond. Construction project dates are January 9-18. Please contact MFH at (864) 631-2233.

18 Freshmen this Fall

The Bible Seminary continues to draw excellent young men to train for the ministry. Our new Dean of Students is Pastor Jean Aly Hector. This past summer he challenged and assigned the student body to participate in evangelism,
discipleship, hospital and new convert visitation, and community services. He is grateful to report 90 percent participation. Many of these men already have churches and families. It is a challenge to balance all their responsibilities and find work to support their schooling. Please keep their many needs in your prayers.

Developing Mont Flueri through the Gospel

Students making their own patterns.

VBS, soccer camp, and opening the Mont Flueri sewing school were triumphs for Pastor Rejouis and Hananeel Baptist Church. There were 120 in attendance in the VBS, with 28 professions of faith.  One young man who accepted Christ in soccer camp has already become very active in the church. The sewing school opened with 16 students. This school was envisioned by Pastor Rejouis for the community and developed through the entrepreneurial efforts of Ray and Sharon Belew, directors of Move Haiti Mission.

Pastor and Mrs. Rejouis Jean-Maxis welcome the birth of their first child Marc Ariel born on October 15, 2018

Mission for Haiti will be celebrating our 72nd anniversary on January 1

Tom and I want to echo our parents’ gratitude since the beginning years up to the present. From 1947, when our family was on the field, until now, God has raised up faithful co-laborers to sustain our family and the ministry. You have been our backbone and our supply line! You have held us up through your prayers, support, letters, visits to the field, and the sharing of your talents. We planted, you watered, and God gave the increase.

“Now he who plants and he who waters are one, and each one will receive his own reward . . . .”
(I Corinthians 3:8)

The vision God gave our parents was one of launching deep, discipling, and spiritually building believers through the study of God’s Word. The verse in Isaiah 37:31 “…shall take root downward, and bear fruit upward” became their heartbeat for the ministry and remains our focus to this day.

Winter Calendar

  • January 9-18: Construction Project
  • January 19-26: Medical Clinic
  • January 26 – February 2: Dental Clinic
  • February 1-2: Ladies Retreat
  • February 8-9: Men’s Retreat

-Tom, Sarah, and Pastor Dieupie

October Prayer Letter
Posted on October 12th, 2018

Increasing Hosanna’s Caring Testimony of the Gospel

God has opened a door for a project that will reveal to the community a caring testimony of the Gospel we preach. This project is a lunchroom! Hosanna Elementary and High School is the only large school in Jacmel that doesn’t have a hot lunch program. This need has been a burden on Pastor Dieupie’s heart for many years. As the school has grown and gained popularity because of its academic excellence, the need has become more apparent. Many of the students come from poor families who are not able to give them more than some coffee and bread for breakfast. Others travel long distances with only a sandwich in their backpack to sustain them until they get home and eat their main meal at 3 p.m. Pastor Dieupie felt that the time to achieve this desire was now while he is a senator and he can get donated food from the government. Hence, through one of our Board Members, contact with a Christian foundation was opened to us. Our request was submitted, and it has been approved, Praise God!

Since privilege creates responsibility, we are now faced with the need for a construction team this winter. The date is January 9-18. Many of you are accustomed to working with Walt Rumminger. Walt is now retired, and God has provided a “new Walt.” for this project. His name is Festus Stroud from Townville, South Carolina. We covet your prayers in two ways–that the Lord will send blockmasons on the construction team to help us and that He will strengthen Festus, who will have his first experience in Haiti with MFH/Hosanna.

18 Freshmen this Fall

The Bible Seminary continues to draw excellent young men to train for the ministry. Our new Dean of Students is Pastor Jean Aly Hector. This summer he challenged and assigned the student body to participate in evangelism, discipleship, hospital and new convert visitation, and community services. He is grateful to report a 90 percent participation. We are grateful to the Lord for the work being done in the Seminary.

Fall Evangelistic Services

The opening of school always begins with evangelistic services. These services are for the parents as well as the students in the elementary and high school. This school year we were blessed with 20 professions of faith. PTL

* * * * *

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward,” concerning their first experiences with the medical clinic.)

“At first we began to treat the patients on the veranda at our front door, and later we converted our kitchen, which was built in the backyard apart from the main house, into a clinic. There we cleaned, washed, and medicated unbelievable ulcers caused by syphilis and yaws. Yaws is a deterioration of the marrow that rots the bone, oozes out matter continually, and deforms the structure. It was the grace of God that enabled us to bear the stench and protected us as we cared for these Haitians so near the back door leading to our kitchen—and that without surgical gloves or disinfectants. There were babies infested with worms who were so badly swollen that their skin cracked open and oozed out matter. Then there were the fever diseases of malaria, cholera, and typhoid for which God enabled us to dispense the proper medication without diagnosis. God used our labor in these crude circumstances to win the confidence of the leading men and women of the village. Each healing was a miracle of God who took our incompetence and covered it with His wisdom. Physical miracles led to miracles of salvation.”

With deep thanks and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

August Prayer Letter
Posted on August 11th, 2018

Testimonies from Campers Sometimes Break our Hearts

FIRST, we want to thank each one of you who supported Camp Bossier this summer through your prayers and financial support! Our hearts are full of gratitude. The entire staff at the Camp worked so hard to make it a success!

Voodooism has always been a dilemma in Haitian culture. However, the Internet has created new challenges that is paralyzing Haiti’s youth; e.g., YouTube, Facebook, pornography, etc. This has made counseling very difficult.

The following testimony came from a young man whose entire family was involved in witchcraft.

“I come from a family of 11. I never heard of Jesus because my family was deep into everything relating to Satanism. I was the youngest of all my siblings. I had not become directly involved in any of the séances, though I was always present and it was understood that I would follow this. Then, one by one, I watched Satan claim the lives of my grandparents, my parents, my aunt and uncle, and one of my sisters. I’m not sure how I have been spared except that Jesus covered me under His grace. I was sent to this camp by a friend. The first night I heard the Gospel message, I struggled within myself. That night my counselor worked with me to help me understand the Gospel. I went forward at the next service to accept Jesus. My eyes are opened now and I have come out of the darkness. My greatest sadness is that my parents and grandparents had to die in order for me to hear the Gospel. I know they never would have allowed me to come to this camp or let me know about Jesus if they were still living.”

(In voodooism, family members are often forced to sell to Satan the souls of certain ones in the family, which was the case in this young man’s family. He has five remaining siblings, and he is praying they will come to Christ.)

“(I’m 19 years old.) A few years ago my parents separated. In retaliation to this, I decided to let myself go into anything and everything vile. I started living in fornication and in every thing that’s evil. I was invited by my neighbor to come to Camp Bossier. I accepted Jesus as my savior the second day I was there and as soon as I made that decision, I felt a change come over me. When I returned home, my girlfriend was begging me for sex, but I told her ‘no’ because I’m a different man now and I want to please God with my life.”

Total number of campers reached during the five weeks of camp was 546. There were 64 professions of faith, 50 assurances of salvation, and 110 consecrations and claiming victory over sinful practices. These young people struggle in the areas of fornication, alcohol, drugs, homosexuality, bitterness, bad movies, stealing, lying, pornography, masturbation, rebellion, and association with bad friends.

The week of August 13-17, Pastor Salomon will be in the Pignon/Charles area (up north) for another camp with 300 + children and young people. It’s been 13 years since MFH left that part of the North. There is a great need for evangelism in that area again. Last year there were 92 who professed Christ as Savior. We covet your prayers for this camp again this year! Also, Pastor Salomon is considering a one-night crusade on the 18th.

VBS, the soccer camp, and opening the Mont Flueri sewing school were a great blessing. There were 28 professions of faith in the VBS; and one young man who accepted Christ in soccer camp has already become super active in the church. Also, Hosanna’s 42nd Annual Bible Conference was blessed as Pastor Benny Matthews, a frequent speaker with The Voice of the Martyrs, shared in two evening services the testimonies from courageous believers. There were four who accepted Christ as Savior and five who renewed their faith. PTL!!

With thanks and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

June / July Prayer Letter
Posted on June 26th, 2018

MFH/Hosanna Ministry – Alive this Summer with Evangelism and Discipleship

Heartfelt testimonies and the changed lives of Haitian young adults have been our motivation to expand our camping ministry at Camp Bossier by the Sea to five weeks, from June 25 to August 3. We want to thank many of you who have already contributed in this eternal investment. We covet your prayers for Pastor Salomon and the counselors as they evangelize and encourage campers through the Word to pursue spiritual victories in a culture with many demonic challenges! They need your prayers.

Hananeel Evangelistic Baptist Church in Mont Flueri will be alive with activities this summer. With their new church building having been completed and dedicated on May 27, Pastor Rejouis is excited to begin activities that will strengthen the Gospel message in the community. On July 16-20, there will be VBS each morning (8 am 12 noon) and a soccer camp each afternoon (3-6 pm). In addition to these evangelistic activities, there has been a strong interest among the adult young ladies to begin a sewing school. Mrs. Rejouis has accepted the challenge and will be holding afternoon sessions from July 16–26, and continuing twice a week for six months, Lord willing.

Pastor Mike Knight from Community Baptist Church, Garner, North Carolina, will be coming with a team to do discipleship at the Bossier camp from July 28–August 3. This week of camp is specifically designed for campers who have come to Christ over the past years in order to mentor them further in their spiritual and emotional challenges. Many of them have come from Voodoo backgrounds and need much encouragement. This week will be very specialized for them. Please pray!!

Pastor Benny Mathews, President and CEO of Alpha Group of Ministries, Madison Heights, Virginia, and frequent speaker with The Voice of the Martyrs conferences, will be one of the speakers at the 42nd annual Hosanna Baptist Church Bible Conference July 23–29. We praise the Lord for giving our Hosanna Bible Conference the privilege and blessing of hearing Pastor Benny speak and having individual faith inspired from courageous testimonies of the persecuted!

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.)

“With the success of our school came problems. The first week after we opened, the teacher of the established government school returned from Port-au-Prince and was upset because our school had become the talk of the town. He felt it was a threat to the security of his job, so he took his case to the authorities of the village and together they sent a report to the Department of Education in Cap Haitien requesting a warrant to close down our school. Instead, a delegation arrived to investigate. Upon their arrival at our schoolhouse, they were impressed not only to see the school in session but also to see a playground with equipment for the younger children and a volleyball court for the older ones. They told the authorities to consider themselves fortunate to have foreigners living in their village and contributing to their progress. Both the teacher and the authorities were challenged to catch up with us, and finally they made their school to surpass ours. Our school went through many phases and many trials, but God has kept it strong and used it to proclaim the Gospel message and bring many souls to Christ.”

I will be in Haiti from July 12 to August 7. It will be a blessing for me to be with Pastor Rejouis’s activities in Mont Flueri, to be with Pastor Mike Knight at Bossier Camp, and to be with Pastor Benny during Hosanna’s Bible Conference. We are trusting the Lord for a very fruitful summer!

My gratitude to each of you for your prayers,

Sarah Bennett