"Taking root downward, Bearing fruit upward"

April Prayer Letter
Posted on April 12th, 2018

“O LORD, thou hast brought up my soul from the grave;
Thou hast kept me alive . . .

(Psalm 30:3)

(Testimony from Josué Laguerre)

“My family and I want to thank our Lord for bringing me back to life. A million thanks to all of you, my family in Christ, who allowed your heart to be touched by God and to contribute so generously to all the medical expenses. God sees and rewards! May He return and provide abundantly for all your needs for His glory.”

Josué’s Homecoming

A congregation of over 1000 gathered at Hosanna Baptist Church the first Sunday Josué and his family returned to Jacmel. Many came to the service as much as an hour early just to get a good seat to see him as he and his family entered the building. Having just returned from Cuba the previous day, his arrival at church Sunday morning was slightly late and happened during the prayer. There were those watching for him; and as soon as he entered the building, they gave a signal and the prayer was interrupted with a standing ovation and joyous clapping! Then for the next two and a half hours, singing and testimonies of gratitude to God continued, followed by Josué’s testimony and then the morning message! Finally, the four-hour service was over; but still that wasn’t all, because so many folks wanted pictures of Josué and his family. All this joyful reaction occurred because for over two months, twice-a-week intercessory prayer meetings had been held from 8 p.m. to midnight. What rejoicing! What thanksgiving! What praise to our God!

Faith honors God and God honors Faith

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward,” and from chapter 3 concerning their first experiences with medical care.)

“We knew next to nothing about tropical ills and felt terribly incapable of helping these people; but neither could we turn them away. We would be sending them back to the witch doctor, who had already impoverished them without results, and there were no medical centers for miles around in those days. Our hearts ached for them – suffering with pain, tormented by fear, and living without hope. Was this the open door for which we had prayed that we might share the message of salvation with them? We threw ourselves upon God and made our meager medical supplies available to them. The Lord worked miracles in the selection and application of the medicines for the various diseases. Our supplies were limited, and I do not remember if we even considered what might happen if our children suddenly faced an emergency and we found our kit empty. Every morning our front door would be surrounded with an increasing number of patients. The numbers soared; the results improved; and our supplies ran low. But God had begun this work, and we trusted Him to supply not only the needed medicines but also His protection to treat the diseases without the proper conditions. We experienced His all-sufficiency. The supplies came through the gracious generosity of the Eagle Creek Church in Knox, Indiana, for it was at this crucial time that they began to support us and have faithfully continued their support these 38 years.” May we add that this same church that started supporting our parents 71 years ago is still supporting the ministry to this day! PTL

Our deep thanks to God and to each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

March Prayer Letter
Posted on March 5th, 2018

“Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle . . . . my high tower and my deliverer . . . .”
(Psalm 144:1, 2b)

Indeed, the Lord has tried and trained our faith in this battle for Josué Laguerre’s life! God has sustained us in this battle and amazingly protected Josué’s life, beginning with his contracting typhoid fever, progressing to pneumonia, on to severe anemia with a dangerously low blood count, and throughout the high fevers that lasted for 48 days. Family and friends watched him deteriorating daily as fever and infection coursed through his body with no apparent relief in sight and no successful diagnoses from the doctors. Finally, the decision from the primary care doctor to save Josué’s life was to medevac him out of Haiti. But the cost was staggering ($25,170) and momentarily left us stunned! However, we knew this was the only way to go. As we have already shared, Cuba was the destination chosen for two reasons: treatment would be less expensive than in the States, and there his wife has family in the medical community. So we began a rush to pull all the finances together.

In the providence of our Heavenly Pilot, the following path was charted by Him to accomplish the ultimate goal! MFH had been given some large gifts at the end of 2017 for certain ministry projects that were yet to be embarked on. God had put these projects on hold because He knew about the emergency that was soon to arise! We would have lost Josue had it not been the providence of God in His arrangement of all these details. Josué is MFH’s and Hosanna’s number one person. While Pastor Dieupie is the spiritual leader of the ministry, Josué has become the spiritual administrator who has cared for and directed all the phases of the ministry ever since Pastor Dieupie became a senator. We bless the Lord our Rock as we claim for Josué the promise in Psalm 118:17: “[He] shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.”

A few days ago Josué was discharged, but the antibiotics are still being administered intravenously every 12 hours. He and his wife are in a small apartment within walking distance of the hospital. There are many expenses related to this medical emergency, and all the funds used to medevac Josué need to be reimbursed. We want to thank many of you who have been able to help us in this situation already. Please continue to pray for Josué and pray that all the borrowed funds can be replaced.

Praise to the Lord! Josué stands a very good chance of being fully released from the medical care in Cuba by the second weekend in March. Please pray that all will be well with his health by then. He and his wife are so eager to see their children (ages 6, 4, and 1), whose grandparents have so wonderfully cared for them during this long absence. We praise God for keeping them so graciously!

Our deep thanks to the Lord for each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

February Prayer Letter
Posted on February 12th, 2018

“You pushed me violently, that I might fall, but the Lord helped me.”
(Psalm 118:13)

Tom and I felt the enemy’s attack as soon as we arrived in Haiti on January 3rd. Our vital co-worker and right arm of the ministry, Josué Laguerre (CFO of Hosanna Ministries), was struck with brutal typhoid fever that very day! Treatment began immediately, but there were complications with pneumonia and severe anemia. He was hospitalized in Jacmel until the doctor urged that he be taken to a private hospital in Port-au-Prince for urgent care. Continuous high fevers and dangerously low blood count persisted days on end, and the cause of his illness remained undiagnosed even after multiple tests. The attending physician finally pulled the family aside and confessed, “I am more stressed than any of you, because I have a patient in front of me who is dying and I don’t know what I can do for him.” At this point, quick plans to transport Josué to Cuba by means of medevac began, since there his wife has family in the medical community and his treatment would be almost without cost. So we rushed to pull finances together, and Josué was flown to Cuba on January 27. An immediate blood transfusion was done followed by a leukemia test which proved negative – PRAISE GOD!

Tom and I are waiting before the Lord for His solution to this dilemma. Our hearts are confident and trusting that, “[He] shall not die, but live, and declare the works of the Lord.” (Psalm 118:17) We will keep our friends updated concerning his condition on Facebook. Please, we covet your prayers for Josué and his young family!

Praise God – Two Churches Were Covered

Craig Dehmel and his team successfully roofed two churches. Mont Flueri church came first, and then Pastor Salomon’s church. Bethany Baptist Church in Oban has leaked for a long time. Finally, through this opportunity, they not only got a new roof but were able to add seven feet to the length of their building. This additional space has given them a nice platform which they did not have before. We are so grateful for the team who came and worked in the rain to accomplish these two projects! Thank you!!

Medical and Dental Clinics – a Wonderful Success

Dr. Patrick Hawley and Dr. Michael Gusar did an amazing job with both clinics. The medical clinic saw over 600 patients in 5 days. The dental clinic did extractions only and saw 38 patients in 4 days. Again, we are so grateful for these professionals who left their practices and came to minister in the heat and uncomfortable surroundings. Health care is so pathetic in Haiti. Haitians are deeply grateful for those who care enough to come!

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.”)

“The clinic came first. We did not plan it that way; the Lord dropped it in our laps. We had been in Pignon for just a few months, struggling with the language, getting acclimated to the primitive tropical surroundings, and being oriented to the new way of life, when it happened. A lady with a deep sore on her forehead came to our door asking us to give her something to heal it. We brought out our family medical kit prepared for us by Peter, my pharmacist brother, and through trial and error we discovered the cure for it. The woman was delighted, and we were pleased to have had the opportunity to witness to her. However, we were not prepared for what followed. She spread the news, and one morning soon after we woke up to find a group of people waiting outside our door suffering from their tropical ailments.”
(To be continued next month.)

Our deep thanks to God for each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

January 2018 Prayer Letter
Posted on January 4th, 2018

Helping Hand Scholarships

Christian education in our beloved Haiti is perhaps the second-best opportunity to carry the Gospel into homes where otherwise it would not be received. Students hearing the Gospel in the classroom and carrying it home to their families provides an open door for evangelism. In the past, qualified teachers were scarce for missionaries to find because they required higher pay. Catholic schools were the only ones who could afford salaries for skilled teachers. When Hosanna Schools began some years ago, Pastor Dieupie took on this challenge in order that the children of poor families could have the opportunity to excel and thus have the same chance in the job market. The only way to achieve this was to provide some financial help. So this challenge led us to start the Helping Hand Scholarships. These funds are available to take up the slack for struggling families. It has been a huge blessing. Evangelistically, there have been 56 young people who have made professions of faith since this fall.

Mont Flueri Will be Completed – Medical and Dental Clinics – Ladies Retreat

January will be a busy month for us. Lord willing, the Mont Flueri church construction will be completed. Our team leader, Craig Dehmel, Swartz Creek, Michigan, will arrive with the team on January 6 to put the roofing on, make the benches (pews) for the new church, and add the finishing touches to this project. Following this, there will be a medical team led by Dr. Patrick Hawley, Flushing, Michigan. They will arrive on January 13 and will minister health clinics in rural areas. Following these rural clinics, Dr. Michael Gusar, Boston, Massachusetts, will conduct the first dental clinic for MFH in Jacmel. We are so grateful for the medical care these doctors are willing to give! The final activity is our ladies retreat at Camp Bossier, January 26-27. Mrs. Andrea Pisarcik will be joined by Mrs. Shawn Smith and daughter, Hayley Smith. This retreat is highly favored by Hosanna ladies. Pray for blessings!

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.)

“We began our ministry in Haiti teaching the Word of God. We had a few opportunities to minister during the first three months while we lived in Cap Haitian becoming acclimated, oriented, and acquainted with the language. The real ministry began soon after we arrived in Pignon. Oran used his skill at boxing to attract the young men of the elite class in the village, and after showing them some points in this art, he began a Bible class for them. I made friends with the same class of young ladies and invited them to our home and began a Bible study for them. They came because we were Americans, but gradually stopped coming when the Word of God was taught without any apologies. Although this period did not last long, it gave us sufficient time to sow the Word in their hearts, showing them the way of salvation and their responsibility of choice, and teaching them the difference between religion and the new birth. However, these young people were very religious and loyal to the Roman Catholic Church, as are all the elite class of people in Haiti, and they found it difficult to leave the Catholic Church and choose the unpopular and despised Gospel message.

“Our second effort of Bible teaching was born by the riverside. I took my flannel board with pictures of Christ and went down to the river with our 2- and 4-year old children to share the story of the love of Christ with the women and children who congregated there to wash their clothes and bathe. Some of the women invited me to go to their homes and share the pictures and stories with their families. Eventually, we had a Bible study class in every neighborhood in the village. In the beginning we did not have a lot of conversions, but the people heard the Word and a harvest was reaped in later years.” (To be continued.)

Tom and I will be leaving for Haiti on January 3rd. Tom will return to the US on the 8th. I will remain in Jacmel until February 2nd. We covet your prayers for all the Hosanna/MFH projects and activities.

Our gratitude and thanks to God for each of you,

Tom & Sarah Bennett

December Prayer Letter
Posted on December 13th, 2017

The people who walked in darkness have seen a great Light, Those who dwelt in the land of the shadow of death, upon them a Light has shined. (Isaiah 9:2)

(The following are continued excerpts from my parents’ book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.)

“We discovered that Christmas in Haiti was quite different from Christmas in the States. Instead of a season of joy and good tidings, it was a season of fear shrouded by evil spirits. Each Christmas they visited the witchdoctor, who bathed them with his herbs to wash away the evil spirits of the past year in order that they might be able to cope with the evils the new year would bring upon them. They did not know that Christmas was a celebration of Christ’s coming to save them from all their fears and evils. Our hearts were deeply touched and saddened as we listened to these babes in Christ describe how they had spent their Christmas Eves at the shrine of the witchdoctor. So we determined to bring the message of Christmas joy and good tidings to a village that sat in darkness.

“So we began to prepare our first Christmas pageant with the new believers God had given us. The choir we had organized learned the Christmas carols, and others memorized the biblical passages. We had Mary and Joseph, shepherds and angels, wise men, and King Herod. We invited the people but were not prepared for the crowd or for their enthusiastic efforts to see and hear the Christmas story. They quickly filled the benches and the aisles. They packed in the doorway and climbed up and sat on the windowsills and moved onto the rafters until they were filled. Then they moved up on the platform so it was difficult to distinguish the actors from the spectators. The message went forth – glory to His Name!

That first year, the Light was turned on in Pignon and that little village became conscious of what Christmas was all about! New dimensions were added to our programs year after year. Friends back home sent us many types of shiny papers, which we used to make decorations with the message of Christmas to put all over the church walls. Then we introduced caroling. They loved this and made it a December tradition, caroling from midnight to six in the morning and stopping to pray in the homes where they were invited in. Consequently, caroling and prayers began to replace the visits and bathing at the witchdoctor’s den. Hundreds of young people and adults found Christ as Savior through the ministry of caroling and the message of Christmas.”

“And the Light shines in the darkness…” (John 1:5a)

Mont Flueri Construction Continues – Medical and Dental Clinics Added

January 2018 will be a busy month for MFH. Please pray for the completion (Lord willing) of The Evangelistic Baptist Church of Hananeel by the MFH construction team. Our team leader, Craig Dehmel, Swartz Creek, Michigan, will arrive with the team on January 6 to put the roofing on, make the benches (pews) for the new church, and add the finishing touches on this project. Following this, there will be a medical team led by Dr. Patrick Hawley, Flushing, Michigan. They will arrive on January 13 and will minister health clinics in rural areas. Following these clinics, Dr. Michael Gusar, Boston, Massachusetts, will conduct the first dental clinic for MFH in Jacmel. We covet your prayers!!

Helping Hand Scholarships – please don’t forget

This fund is vitally important to help poor families who long for a better education for their children but struggle financially. Families are filled with gratitude for a little help that keeps their children in school. Thank you so much!

With thanks to you and gratitude to God for your support,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

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Fall 2007 Newsletter
Posted on November 27th, 2017

“We need help! We have Voodoo Temples—but NO Gospel Churches”

Pastor Dieupie received this impassioned plea for a church-plant from community leaders in the small village of Mont Flueri shortly after the 2010 earthquake. Very quickly, canvassing was organized along with door-to-door visitation by Hosanna leadership. A tent was erected (on donated land) and the first service was held. By the grace of God, over 120 individuals attended and 15 accepted Christ as Savior. The Evangelistic Baptist Church of Hananeel was born that day.

As the church grew, they left the tent and built a simple wooden structure that would accommodate both church and a small Christian school that would follow. Over the years, termites have ravaged the building, making it unsafe. A cement block building has now become a necessity.

However…funds are needed to accomplish this worthy project. Haitian masons are doing all the block work and American volunteers will finalize the building with the roof.

Finding Christ through Hosanna Radio

Recently a young man and five of his buddies became obsessed with winning the lottery, causing them to seek out a powerful witch doctor to help them achieve their goal. (It’s not uncommon in Haitian culture to seek satanic help to attain a goal.) Their search led them to locate one near Jacmel. After his buddies conferred with the witch doctor, this young man realized that this was a setup and that he had been chosen by his buddies to be the required sacrifice. Rapidly fleeing, he escaped into the night and ended up in Jacmel. He providentially started listening to Hosanna Radio on his phone and decided to visit the church service Sunday morning. When the invitation was given, he couldn’t get down the aisle fast enough! After accepting Christ, he shared his story with the deacon who prayed with him. Obviously, his life is in danger. Please pray for him.

Packed-out Camp in Charles

Pastor Mike Knight and 24 young adults from Community Baptist Church, Garner, North Carolina, provided a dynamic camping program in a rural area of Pignon in August. There were over 300 in attendance, 92 professions of faith, and 74 other decisions. This group ministered through song, testimonies, challenges, and messages. We offer our deep thanks and appreciation to those of you who supported this camp.

VBS in Mont Flueri

Jean-Maxis Rejouis, a recent graduate of SBTH, is the pastor of this rural church. Under his leadership it has grown to be a solid congregation of over two hundred.

This past summer Pastor Rejouis organized a VBS to reach the unsaved young people in the community. There were 20 who accepted Christ as Savior and many who made other decisions. Please pray for the growth of this church and the construction of their new building.

(Those who accepted Christ are seen here.)

Nineteen Graduates – Class of 2017

May 19 was the fourth commencement ceremony of Baptist Theological Seminary of Haiti, and we were blessed to have 19 graduates. One of them, Pastor Jackson Salomon, is taking the leadership role in La Montagne at Baptist Church of Jerusalem.

Our seminary students come to us from many avenues of life. Most already have small congregations but have never had the opportunity to get any pastoral education. These men, along with their congregations, are grateful to be receiving this training. Some have large families and are trying to balance a job, a church, and seminary classes. Others are supporting elderly parents while working and studying. Very often education in Haiti is attained with much difficulty, but this makes it more valued and appreciated. Thank you for supporting and keeping our seminary students in prayer.

A Bit of Trivia

Two years after our parents (the Bells) came to Haiti in 1947, Daddy received a separation check from the navy for $50. He decided to use this money to build our home in Pignon, and also purchased a small Firestone propane gas stove for Mother to do her baking and quick cooking when necessary. (We used a charcoal stove in our outside kitchen for everyday cooking.) The stove you see here is about 68 years old and still functional!! This stove was used for years by Mother to bake 15+ cakes every January 1st to send to all the officials in the village since that’s the Haitian Independence Day. Each cake was two-layers with a 7-minute icing beaten by hand in a double boiler. Mother used these cakes as an evangelism tool. Because of them, she could walk into the home of any official in the village and be welcomed with open arms.

Again, she used this stove to bake cakes every Friday morning for the 4:30 Bible institute class for training pastors.  Friday was the dreaded quiz or test day and students were known to skip. However, when Mother started serving a warm piece of cake at the end of class, there were no more absentees on quiz days. (Cakes were considered a delicacy in those early years.)

Helping Hand Scholarships

This is a gift from heaven.

Please thank the angel who has helped me pay this school bill.

It’s impossible for me to express all the gratitude that’s in my heart.

This gift shows me that God is watching out for me.

These are only a few of the remarks we hear from the lips of parents who benefit from this “Helping Hand Scholarships.”

This fund is helping families who desire a better education for their children but struggle with the overall cost. Since the Hosanna High School opened, its accelerated educational program has already promoted two classes of exceptional graduates. Many unchurched families who value high moral principles have been attracted to the school and have come to Christ as a result. Thus the school continues to be a wonderful tool for evangelism, for which we praise God!

MFH is extremely grateful to all of you who have responded to this plea. We trust and pray you will continue to assist these disadvantaged families in this worthy and eternal investment.

In Loving Memory – Mrs. Ann Galusha, Greenville, South Carolina

The Lord bless you and keep you; The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you; The Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace.
Numbers 6:24-26

We are powered by your prayers and enabled by your gifts.

Thank you!

Tom, Sarah, and Pastor Dicupie

November Prayer Letter
Posted on November 7th, 2017

“And whoever is left in any place where he dwells, let the men of his place help him with silver and gold . . . for the house of God . . . .” (Ezra 1:4)

Mont Flueri’s plea is similar to that of Ezra’s to help build the “house of God.” As many of you saw in our recent newsletter, construction from the foundation up has begun with Haitian masons. However, funds for stuccoing the walls, building the trusses, and purchasing the roofing are sadly lacking. God has graciously provided a team of men who will arrive on January 6. Lord willing, they will complete this long-awaited church for the believers of Mont Flueri. MFH wants to encourage all our supporters to pray diligently for this project, and also to ask God if He would have you contribute financially for the completion of this church. Many of the believers are working feverishly to help the project move as quickly as possible. They are so excited!!

While I was in Pignon this past summer, the church my parents founded (The Evangelistic Baptist Church of Pignon) was planning a 70th anniversary celebration on the first Sunday of November. They wanted me to be present. Unfortunately, I could not make that trip in addition to my planned trip in January. However, my sister, Christene, will be present. The guest list includes all the pastors and lay pastors who received their training from this home church and who presently pastor other churches. As the list was compiled, the church leaders were amazed that 50+ pastors and lay pastors would be invited. (Some are Home with the Lord by now.) We give glory to God for the Christ honoring ministry He brought to Pignon through my parents by His grace! PTL

One of our Board members recently requested that I share parts of Mother’s book that tells the history of our ministry in Haiti. Tom and I praise God for allowing us to have a little part in this rich and godly heritage. The following are excerpts from my parent’s book, “Taking Root Downward, Bearing Fruit Upward.”

“We were young; we had seen the Lord in His word; we had heard His call; so we stepped out by faith. It did not matter that we had two young children, that no one had made any commitment to support us, and that we had no mission to back us or a mission station to go to on the field. We were excited and felt rich – with $600 in our pockets, our tickets purchased from California to Haiti, and the promises of God flooding our souls. We boarded a train in Los Angeles, bade our loved ones goodbye, and were on our way.

We arrived in Miami on January 1, 1947, on a train filled with wealthy vacationers. Upon arrival they soon drove off in taxis and left us the sole occupants of the big station. It was Sunday morning, and worshiping the Lord in His house came first; so we left our bags in the station and decided to wait until later to think about lodging. A short distance from the station we saw a small church, and the Spirit of God directed us to it. The sign read “Assembly of God.” Upon entering the church we found it was a Plymouth Brethren Assembly. We were warmly received. The elder, Brother Coombs, invited us to his home after church for dinner. That evening the little congregation asked us to give our testimony, and they took an offering for us.

We were scheduled to fly out on Tuesday morning. That left only one day for Oran to find a shipping company and arrange for the transportation of our excess baggage to Haiti. Upon checking, Oran was told that New Orleans was the only port that did business with Haiti. This seemed like an insurmountable problem. Then Brother Coombs remembered hearing about a new shipping company. We discovered that the company was making its maiden voyage – destination: Haiti – and the ship was to set sail at six o’clock that evening. There was a lot of rushing, but when that ship left, it was carrying our baggage. We later learned that this was the first and last trip that company made to Haiti.

(To be continued.) There is no end to God’s faithfulness!!

With grateful hearts to you our donors,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

October Prayer Letter
Posted on October 4th, 2017

Critical Construction Project for Evangelical Baptist Church of Hananeel
(Hananeel means the “Grace of God” in Hebrew)

A few months following the earthquake of 2010, the Lord opened a wonderful door of opportunity for Hosanna Ministries. In the lovely valley community known as Mont Flueri (only 35 minutes from Jacmel), a group of community leaders made a visit to Pastor Dieupie’s office with a request for an evangelistic church-plant. “We have Voodoo temples and Pentecostal churches in our community, but no Gospel or evangelistic churches.” So Pastor Dieupie organized a church team to canvass the area with door-to-door visitation. At the end of the week, a tent was erected for a Sunday service. To everyone’s delight, there were 120+ in attendance, and 28 people came forward to make professions of faith. The attendance continued to grow and more were saved as time went on.

Then after some months, the same leadership who previously had approached Pastor Dieupie now requested that Pastor go with them to make a plea that some community property be given so a church building and (eventually) a school could be built since the nearest school was over one hour’s walking distance. In the providence of God, the request was granted. Since having school in a tent would be very difficult, and since funds for a church/school building were not available, a temporary wooden structure was erected in 2012 with movable classroom separators that could be pushed aside for Sunday services. Then in 2014, a Non-Government educational Organization (NGO) took an interest in the school and built two beautiful buildings for the children. The school now has 160+ children.

However, the wooden church building has become a favorite hangout for Mont Flueri termites that have grown fat and happy over the past five years. Our trusses and plywood walls have been ravaged by these little critters. MFH now realizes that it’s time to take the initiative and erect a cement block building before something unfortunate happens. Therefore, we are making construction plans for this winter.

Thus, MFH needs skilled and unskilled workers!

Our project will begin with Haitian masons. They will lay the foundation and build the walls. Then MFH will complete the trusses and the roof with our volunteers. Our lead man is Craig Dehmel from Mayfair Bible Church, Flushing, Michigan. Two weeks have been set aside for this project – January 6-13 and 13-21.

Saved from Tragedy by the Grace of God

On Sunday morning, September 23, Assistant Pastor Aly preached a powerful message at Hosanna Baptist Church, and five adults came forward to accept Christ as Savior. The first one to step into the aisle was a young man in his mid-twenties. He shared an amazing testimony. He testified that he and five buddies had become obsessed with winning the lottery and decided to seek out a very powerful witch doctor to help them achieve their goal. (Seeking a witch doctor to help achieve any kind of goal is not uncommon.) They traveled a great distance and located such a witch doctor near Jacmel. The five buddies spoke individually with the witch doctor to ascertain the cost. When finished, the buddies very quickly disappeared. The remaining young man suddenly realized that this was a setup and that he had been chosen by his buddies to be the required sacrifice. He leaped up and made a mad dash into the night. He ended up in Jacmel, and for several days wandered the streets, listening intently to Hosanna Radio. Feeling compelled to attend church to thank God for saving him from tragedy, he asked around and God led him to Hosanna Baptist Church. When the invitation was given, he couldn’t get down the aisle fast enough! He accepted Christ as Savior! (Note: We have not heard from him since he left us. Please pray for his safety.)

With thanks and gratitude to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

September Prayer Letter
Posted on August 31st, 2017

A Faithful Promise

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth; It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please, and it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.”

(Isaiah 55:11)

God in His grace allowed me to experience this amazing truth during my recent trip to Haiti. Almost 12 years ago now, Tom and I found it necessary to remove ourselves and MFH from the Pignon. Raphael area (which I refer to as “the North”). A particular Haitian leader in our church, whose vision had turned to materialism rather than the traditional Gospel/discipleship focus that my parents followed, began to resist our leadership role. In order to maintain a certain level of peace, we decided to move from the North to the southern part of the island where my parents had also worked. Part of our decision was based on my mother’s last words to me just before she went Home to be with the Lord. “If the church committee is manipulated into a different perspective by this Haitian leader, just walk away, because your dad and I did not come to Haiti for anything other than a strong Gospel focus.” Some six months after she made this statement, it happened just as she had predicted!

Up to that point we were deeply involved in graded discipleship programs. One of these concentrated programs was called “Etid Elsie,” developed for 11- to 17-year-olds to teach them Bible doctrines. I worked with 87 students.

To make a long story short and to proclaim the faithfulness of God’s Word, I will skip all the way to how God’s Word held my precious Elsie students, though they suffered from our decision because we had become so close. I didn’t realize their distress until I was there this time and heard them express it to me. The following statements are representative of the testimonies that poured from their lips as they shared with me. “We were devastated when we realized you were gone and we wouldn’t see you anymore.” “We were sick for days on end.” “We didn’t know what to do with ourselves.” “Finally we pulled ourselves together and decided that we had to follow the line of discipline and the doctrines we had learned.” “Today, we are stronger and more faithful to the Lord because of the things we learned from God’s Word.” Also, I was amazed to learn that seven of the young men who went through the Elsie program have now completed other forms of theological training for the ministry, or in some cases are still in the process of such training. They credit their appetite for the Word of God because of the Elsie program. How gracious God was to let me see the fulfillment of the above verse before my very eyes!!

After being gone for 12 years, my visit to Pignon this summer blessed me beyond words! The line of visitors to my house never stopped. They came, and they shared! Not only did the young people describe what the Word of God had accomplished in them, but also the older generation from my parents’ time shared how the Word my parents had given to them accomplished the same. Praise God for His amazing and faithful promises!!

Camp in Charles was a Blessing and a Success

The camp was in a rural area of Pignon. There were 300 in attendance, 92 professions of faith, and 74 other decisions. Please pray for these young people who made decisions! Pastor Mike Knight from Community Baptist Church, Garner, North Carolina, came with 24 young adults from his church who ministered through song, testimonies, challenges, and messages. This group was a tremendous blessing to the camp. On Sunday morning, Pastor Mike preached in our Pignon church, and the group did a silent drama in the evening service that the Lord used to challenge many. We offer our deep thanks and appreciation to those of you who supported this camp.

With thanks and gratitude to God for each of you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

August Prayer Letter
Posted on July 26th, 2017

God’s hand of grace was upon the camp again this year! There was a spirit of peace and willingness to comply with all the rules. Normally, there is some resistance to turning in their cell phones to Pastor Salomon when they check in – but not this year. The Lord blessed in many ways one of which were 60 life-changing decisions; some for salvation, some for rededication, and some coming forward for prayer to overcome sin in their lives. The preaching was strong, decisions were intense, and prayers were heart-felt and earnest. Here are a few testimonies from the campers.

  • Camp Bossier helped me see my life in a different way. The Gospel message I heard helped me make new decisions for my life. I learned that I need to say ‘no’ to sinful propositions that don’t please the Lord. I wish I had heard these things three years ago. I hope it’s not too late. Please pray for me.

  • The grace of God and the staff at Camp Bossier brought healing to me three years ago from evil spirits that tormented me. These spirits were trying to kill me. They made me feel like there was no hope. But the power of prayer from the staff at Bossier brought healing to me. I thank God for bringing me here.

  • The Lord made me come to camp this year though I didn’t want to. I felt that everything being said was meant for me. I struggle with my thoughts because I look at pornographic films and copy some of what I see in the films. But I want to be faithful to God and melt myself into God’s hands. Please pray for me.

Following Camp Bossier by the Sea, Pastor Salomon and I (Sarah) will conduct a week of camp in Charles – August 7 to 16. Last year some young people from the North requested that Pastor Salomon conduct a camp for them in Charles. He did, and they loved it. This summer he will do this camp again. And what’s even more exciting is that Pastor Mike Knight, Community Baptist Church, Garner, North Carolina, will be coming to participate in the camp with a team of 25. It’s been 11 years now since I’ve ministered in that area. The folks up there are anxiously awaiting our presence. Please pray for a mighty moving of the Spirit of God to bring souls to Christ, to live godly, and to defy the works of Satan and the flesh. We are expecting 250 – 280 campers in Charles.

“Blessed is he who considers the poor; the Lord will deliver him in time of trouble.”
(Psalm 41:1)

Our concerns continue! The western part of the peninsula still suffers. Recovery from Hurricane Matthew is far from over. When I (Sarah) visited those areas last fall, it broke my heart. Houses and gardens all laid flat! I knew it would require a widespread and massive aid program, and that would only slightly correct the suffering that I saw. Considering the fact that the hurricane casualties and losses have long since been out of the news, how then can folks be alerted to respond? Pastor Dieupie has great concerns because torrential rains are destroying the gardens they so carefully planted recently!! His vision is that we would stock a food warehouse, because he fears there will be dangerous hunger in the months to come. If God speaks to your heart concerning this need, please respond. We will call it the “emergency food relief bank.”

Please keep Pastor Dieupie and the ministry he has in the Senate in your prayers. His load is heavy.

With thanks to you and praise to God for you,

Tom and Sarah Bennett

PS. We have changed our email address back to mfhline@charter.net